after days of excitement mixed with insomnia she is here and i am an auntie.yeah.


"Some people never go crazy,...

...what truly horrible lives they must live"
Charles Bukowski


multitasking x)

so, nothing new here kidos.
rain.cold.nose blowing.catmadness.sober.sleep.
everything is fine.
and yes multitasking rules.


i would part 2

sweeties, mommy is ill as shit and therefor in bed.i am bored.normally i wanted to post the 09 collection which is wicked.but as i have looaaads of time now, for first lovepieces from fall08.here we go.



have a nice weekend yall!thanks for your interest.i will check out all your blogs this weekend!
big smooch to the wonderful knightcat.
thanks for the mention babe,i loooove your site!


i would

r.owens spring 09


wer bin ich?und wenn ja,wieviele?

dear blog, i am really not sure where to go with you right now.i will think about it.i promise. dont think that i didnt love you, although you never completed me either.i will rethink our situation.some things have to change.yes.

yrs sincerly



finally found a jacket on ebay.com.
i look hung over man.woha.
today was such a beautiful day.i miss the sun.

j'adore Ann Demeulemeester.word.


the other nite out

my camera is worth shit in the nite.


she is a pain in the ass and i love her for that.
you can read that face like a book



i know this is kinda boring as everyone in blogworld seems to want them, but for how many decades do i/you want those now?


i put up another old one.
right now i am searching for a jacket too to satisfy my balmain fixation.someone any suggestion?
oh, and i will reduce the sizes of the pics as they are a bit scary this size x).i am too lazy to fix the past ones right now though.ok, to be honest i feel like a granny as i have to redo everything 32 times as i always notice something new.i think this will take time till this thing looks nearly the way i want to.



dont know what to say except i am tired



there was this guy in the tube today who started screaming at me about the misery of universal laws and how life sucks anyway-in which i agree partially.it seems those kind of guys feel attracted to me.i suppose they smell the crazy.

i keep running

guys, are you over the plaid thing yet or not?i have to admit that i still love it.i am still searching for a longer shirt than this which i can actually wear as a dress and thights without showing coochie.the ones i found were superxxxxxl and were broader then broadway.
not good.so searching goes on.
i will stop spaming now and go to bed.


i found this dress on ebay.loved the zipper details and the 80ies vibe.but more important, what the fuck is going on with my shadow in the last pic?
proposals are welcome.


florals.i like them on others but dont feel too comfortable in them myself .but this dress i love.
the harness is from ebay.

welcome to the jungle

ok, i am a lazy bitch.started this blog months ago, posted pics for one hour, deleted them again, forgot my password, remembered it surprisedly after a binge, then got lost in eating loads of food and blowing my snotty nose in the last weeks.
i am sexay.you have been warned.
so i will spit out a few pics in the next days at once and try to get it on again.no idea where it leads me but here we go.