tales from behind the sofa

thank you all for asking bunnies, little crumb is growing and happy all around.
you know, every day with him is a gift.
words are not enough to describe my love for this kid.
...so i let actions speak.
see, sometimes momma gets bored and somehow it might happen that she shears off the defenseless kids hair, uhm, lets just say like totally and downright accidently!
at least this is what i will tell poppa when he gets home.
yeah,i know, sign me up for mother of the year awards.

wearing: shirt: queenswardrobe (kisses to nikio), hat: american apparel, shorts: topshop, overknees: american apparel, necklaces: presents, etsy.


dead weather

every day that I live I will live for the rain.
this life that I live, I will give to the rain.

ok, thats beeing said, i wish you a cozy week dolls!
love u.

wearing: hat, shorts, tights, overknees, bag: asos, shirt: american apparel, jacket: topshop, belt: h&m, shoes: jeffrey campbel (erikson) via needsupply.com


ups i did it again

uoh, i fell out of sight again.
but i have a good cause this time!
see, i was busy strutting my arse through the kitchen, modeling nursing bras for the fridge like there is no tomorrow.
and fellas, sometimes when i felt extra festive, i even wore pants.
rrright, its britney bitch.
yeah, and even though i only reaped the side eye from that snobby ass fridge in the end, your girl wont give up and will try to win over the stove tomorrow.
ok, this were pretty long sentences for my little world.

love youuu.

wearing: dress: vintage/ebay, tights: asos, shoesies: jeffrey campbell via solestruck (i will add the source from now on as some of you asked, and no, i am not sponsered by jeffbabe x)), hat: brixton via asos