i would

r.owens spring 09


CAT KHAN said...

hiii :)

i was wondering if i could use a few of your pictures for my blog?


withasianstereotypes said...

I adore rick owens s/s 09 collection it always sends shivers down my spine


effy said...

well, i don't know what is the collection about, recycling ? lol, those shoes look like black bags. the 3 last outfits are great:D

Jennifer Camp Forbes said...

killer blog!

Don't Be A Hero said...

so bitchin

I love your blog btw

Fashion Is Poison said...

oooooooooo. amazing.

katja said...

wow you have a blog. loved your pictures on lookbook.

Anonymous said...

hot clothes
i love his s/s09 collection

wanna link?


Ashleigh said...

I would too...just not the shoes...p.s. I added you to my links..awesome blog~!

Anonymous said...

omg!! just found your blog throug knightcat! love it! love your style! pleeeeeeeease start writing under the pictures of you what you are wearing! :) xoxo Lis from Sweden

stylorectic said...

knightcat: <3

withasianstereotypes: its so wearable maybe -the shoes x)

Rina: hehe, i see that point

Le Fashion: thanks babe!

Don't Be A Hero: i try my best x)

Fashion Is Poison: thanks hun!

katja: oh i will search you there!

V: yes!

Ashleigh: i see the same problem...thanks, will add you too!

Lis: oh,dont i? i will check that maybe i forgot.

Marian said...

love this collection.he is so talented.

? said...