the rain knocked on our heads nonstop for counted 7 days.
we summed the end is near fellas.
finally we got to see the sky again today.
so no new world order shit in the making.
sabbath for now.
oh and the magic won't stop there....drum roll...mommy started groaning when sitting down or standing up- or actually when moving in general.
yeah, just because i can.

-yay to the side eye action going on in the background.
-thanks to vogue france for the feature last week.

i hope you are all in good spirits sweets!
i loveeeee you

edit: dont worry guys, i didnt wear the heels for too long, i always have flats with me.

i wear: jacket, cuff and square ring: nastygal, dress, sunnies, tights: h&m, shoesies: jeffrey campbell/ mary roks, other rings: ebay+brook&lyn


i am doll eyes

following the footsteps of a rag doll dance
love puppet with no strings
that's what the spiral eyed girl sings
she's just tired of the ugly
she just wants pretty things

wearing: dress: vintage/etsy, cycle shorts: american apparel, socks: legavenue/ ebay, shoesies: noname/ebay