i dont know, i am not really into nail polish lately,
but i really like this one.
its a little stunner in the sunlight.
i bought it here
oh and the aqua base is advisable as it comes off immediately without it.


i never finish anyth

so dont even ask about the backside of the top fellas.
but mommy is optimistic, next week i will try to make a shirt with short sleeves with the dark red patent pvc i bought together with the white one.
oh and thanks to sweet karina for answering my question: 'do i need to sew a shirt on the inside or the outside?' with a straight face.

love to you all
shirt: diy/fabric via ebay, belt: noname, pants: zara, sunnies: lanvin for h&m


late weekender

everything is normal here.
still white and stuff.
only i need to stop watching 'my weird addiction' now and go to bed.
you know, i get really tempted to try some of the stuff they do.

jacket: pedro, bra: asos, across body bag: asos, skirt: noname, shoes: zara, sunglasses: asos


tick tock

ok ZARA, how long will i have to wait?
 pic: Stella mMcCartney fall 2012


koreans do it better

finally someone threw a copy of Phillip Lims Cody d'Orsay heels on the market.
thanks lovely Cléa for letting me know.
drawback: the sizes only go up to EUR 38.
get them here
love uuhhu


spring break

thanks for hanging in there kiddos.
i didnt bother to wear clothes lately.
also spring is perfectly distracting.
but enough laziness for now.
thanks to Pedro i dressed myself today.
good work kid.

jacket: made by Pedro, wool sweater: asos, pants: zara, belt: no name from local store