we aint going nowhere

oh fellas, i missed youuuhhuujiiiieee!
we are all fine over here, i am pretty focused and at the same time i feel totally nutty.
hormones galore!
i hope you understand my absence dolls...
we are busy with buying things that i ve never ever heard of before.
fun times!
yeah, we are kinda growing up.
uhm, not.

big thanks for your support and kind words through the better and esp the harsh times dolls, it means a lot to me. honestly.
bigbig hugs for that.
spezial lovee to my girl ola, keep it up!

wearing: white biker jacket: ebay, nude fringe cardi: seventh door (thanks so much!) nude maxi dress: asos, striped wire bow: american apparel, rings: brook&lyn, ebay, emp.de