my dearest dolls, i want to let you know why i was, and will be away for a while.
you know, life is challenging me in fucking hard ways right now.
i have to deal with my issues first now.
i will think of you and the the good times we had together and i will do my best to get back to normal as soon as possible.i promise.
dont forget i love you.
take care about yourself and your beloved ones.


one of those days

dolls, i woke up today and noticed that my left leg quited its job.
reality check 1,2.
so no sashaying the next days.
on sundays we usually dont know what to do with ourselfes.
the cat is badly off then.
see, i cant even count on how many levels this face screams fuck off:

hope you are all well and heads are not spinning too much

i wear: jacket: topshop, cardi: etsy, scarf: zara, dress: american apparel, tights: h&m, thigh high socks: american apparel, shoes: no name, sunnies: american apparel, bracelet/rings: ebay.co.uk


u-turns turn on me

when I saw the sign it was the first day
heading south to the north
once god turned his back on me
now there is no return for me
u-turns constantly

i wear: leo cardi: vintage/ebay.com, shirt: h&m+diy painted, shorts: vintage levis, belt: h&m, tights: asos.com, rings: ebay,+brook&lyn, lipstick: manic panic (raven)


i live between concrete walls

you are real
you are unreal
and sometimes ceilings peel

...yeah, i know...
what the fuck is she talking about again?
...ask me tomorrow x)

something else
kiddos, some of you asked how i edit the pics, drop me a mail if you have a special question, ok?

i wear: trench: zara, shirtdress: cant remember, tights: topshop, boots: topshop, lipstick: manic panic (i mixed raven+black rose)