inside job

dolls, after spending the last weeks passing on viruses, cabin fever and studies of human nature (the bad shit) the fam is fresh n shiny again and up to no good.
this has been a public service announcement from the 'it could be worse' school of crisis management.

mhm ok, these are uhm really great news eszter, do you have more?

yeah, also i wanted to point out that while editing past posts i fucking manage to mess up the bloglovin feed lately.
congrats to me.
i dont know what the hell i am doing to cause it, but hey, i will keep doing it anyway.
sorry for the confusion fellas.
lovelovelove you.

shirt:topshop, pants: zara, choker: nelly, sunnies: nastygal, kid: mine


ankle cuff

i really like the leg/ankle cuffs.
will try this.
pics from here


brier cut

new addition.
ring by Imogen Belfield via pixiemarket



yes, i dress like your mom lately.
but trust me, its all under control.

clothes:zara, cuff:asos



so finally mommy took these close up photos of the ring i recently received from the skilled and loveable
Ziba Khatibi.
i am happy the photos came out in a way they do the ring justice as its pure preciousness.
its truly one of a kind.
THANK YOU so much for it dear Ziba.
check out her gorgeous jewelry here.



my computer committed ritual suicide last night.
ok now, i advise everyone to sacrifice all available cuddly toys immediately
to invoke all kinds of butterfly reverse effects on that bitch.
and listen, 5 minutes ago i was eating grapes and the radio played that shitty 'on the floor' song and i started to count the times the lady sings 'on the floor' because counting is what i like most, and out of nowhere the fucking plate with the grapes fell
now i put down my fancy tea cup, dab my labial angle with a crisp white napkin, and ask you loud and clear:
mankind will never know.

i love u ´
dont forget.

shirt+pants: zara, jacket: asos, shoes:mango, sunnies: nastygal


festival fever

thanks to the loyal support of the loveable happypunt team your very own sisters pic is on a shirt again.
available at topshop.

and yeah, i find the writings they chose to put on it uhm
quite entertaining.
'get out of here' 'do not bother me' 'wasted soul'
haha, i guess that sums it all up pretty well.



i run from me and it shows
just when you think you know me,
i'll prove you wrong
i am a stupid human bean
big eyed and between what i am
and what I seem

shirt,shorts,snakeskin belt: topshop, sunnies via nastygal, shoes: zara


when the smoke clears

speak our secrets into your hands
hold it in between
plunge your hands into the water
and drown it in the sea

i am here when the smoke clears
see YOU in fall dear

EDIT: kiddos, thanks for the nice comments but thats not me x)
pics via pneumoniawhite