happy new year bunnies ♥

its truly good to know you still have my back also when my blogging routine is truly the shittiest around.
hands down.
thank you so much for dropping by and supporting my wackiness.
it made and makes me happy over and over again daily.
i feel really blessed all around.
um, ok, mommy gets emotional now...
go and partayyyyjiiiiee your heads off dolls!
may your dreams come true in 2011!
stay the way you are
i love u


home run

-oh fellas, sooo good to be back!
hope you have the bestestest holidays ever!
lots of loveee to you!!

-so, it was sweatbloodntears, but it seems we found a flat.
yes, we are moving.
yes, again.
yes, i dont wanna talk about it.
i just want it to go away.

-and look what my beloved friend maria came up with.
if my drawing wasnt worth shit, i definitely would...
i really feel the idea of a platform for all the fabulous ideas out there.
cccheck it out and contribute here dolls.

so, after all the stressful times i can finally go back to what i do best...

love you dolls!

wearing: coat: mango, romper+shoesies: topshop, socks:h&m, rectangular sunnies: vintage/etsy.com


here we are now, entertain us

"we cant do anything to change the world until capitalism crumbles.
in the meantime we should all go shopping to console ourselves."

in other news, dont forget i love you kiddos
i am just damned busy

pic:source, quote:banksy



#1+2 random shots. caca shades in full force.
#3 gimme more. via topshop.
#4 niiiice. from here.
#5 yeah, kid seems really exited to spend some quality time with us.
and yes, the side eye runs in the fam.
and yes, he is also forced to wear caca.

through all the years i still love this.
if you read this davey,

clothes: shorts+cardi:topshop, sheer shirt: american apparel
edit: kids: h&m



they are building this house half a block down
and i stand there at night
and inside i can see cats walking
the way cats walk
and the ribs of the house show
and something seems not right
and i look through this house
and it seems the house does not want to be built
through its sides i can see the hills turn purple
and it is cold
and i button my coat
and it seems people should not build houses anymore
and it seems people should not
brush their teeth, comb their hair, get in their cars
and i am tired
and it seems there is a lot to forget
and a lot not to do
and i stand there looking through the house
and the cats stop and look at me
until i am embarrased
and move north up the sidewalk

cape,pants,shirt: zara, belt:h&m, shoesies: topshop


tales from behind the sofa

thank you all for asking bunnies, little crumb is growing and happy all around.
you know, every day with him is a gift.
words are not enough to describe my love for this kid.
...so i let actions speak.
see, sometimes momma gets bored and somehow it might happen that she shears off the defenseless kids hair, uhm, lets just say like totally and downright accidently!
at least this is what i will tell poppa when he gets home.
yeah,i know, sign me up for mother of the year awards.

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dead weather

every day that I live I will live for the rain.
this life that I live, I will give to the rain.

ok, thats beeing said, i wish you a cozy week dolls!
love u.

wearing: hat, shorts, tights, overknees, bag: asos, shirt: american apparel, jacket: topshop, belt: h&m, shoes: jeffrey campbel (erikson) via needsupply.com


ups i did it again

uoh, i fell out of sight again.
but i have a good cause this time!
see, i was busy strutting my arse through the kitchen, modeling nursing bras for the fridge like there is no tomorrow.
and fellas, sometimes when i felt extra festive, i even wore pants.
rrright, its britney bitch.
yeah, and even though i only reaped the side eye from that snobby ass fridge in the end, your girl wont give up and will try to win over the stove tomorrow.
ok, this were pretty long sentences for my little world.

love youuu.

wearing: dress: vintage/ebay, tights: asos, shoesies: jeffrey campbell via solestruck (i will add the source from now on as some of you asked, and no, i am not sponsered by jeffbabe x)), hat: brixton via asos


home is where the rain is soft and soothing

yeah, home is where the comfort is sometimes confusing.

wearing: cape+leather pants: zara, sheer shirt: american apparel, belt+tights: h&m, shoesies: topshop, bag: asos



sonnybunny aka chiefcommander, the first day at home

so fellas, here we go.
we did it.
kiddo came nearly on point on 0707.
the first weeks i was swept away as white holes dry swallowed us just to spit us straight into the epicenter of good old n trusty insanity.
and back.
and now dolls, imagine all of that back and forth.
yeah, because this is how we rrroll.
back and forth.
back and forth.
back and forth.
.....ok, i guess you get it from here.
lemme tell you, i wouldnt exactly call it a glitterylalalaponyride but we all did a pretty good job and we feel absolutely fab now!
what shall i say dolls, he is the best thing that ever happened to me.
cant top that feeling.
now tell me what i ve missed in your lifes, how was your summer so far?
oww and thanks for your support.again.
and never forget i love u.
so take care, okay?

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#1+2. okok, mommy would only be able to crawl in those right now.
i prefered to lie on the floor....i still like them.
#3. yeah, i want what she has.
#4. still into garterthingys.
#5. yes guys, this is how we do it. midsummerhardcorecleanse. yay.
#6. hero. just because.

love you!
think of me the next days dolls.
1: shoesies+socks: topshop, 2: shoesies: topshop, lace socks: leg avenue/ebay.com, 3: acne resort 2011/source:style.com, 4: bodiceskirt: vintage/ebay.com, 5+6: cant remember the source, let me know when its yours.


we aint going nowhere

oh fellas, i missed youuuhhuujiiiieee!
we are all fine over here, i am pretty focused and at the same time i feel totally nutty.
hormones galore!
i hope you understand my absence dolls...
we are busy with buying things that i ve never ever heard of before.
fun times!
yeah, we are kinda growing up.
uhm, not.

big thanks for your support and kind words through the better and esp the harsh times dolls, it means a lot to me. honestly.
bigbig hugs for that.
spezial lovee to my girl ola, keep it up!

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bright new morning

dolls, how fast does time fly? no?
i honestly experience some kind of time lapse situation here.
went from crazy to yesterday within a blink.
i cried, i cheered, i feared, i laughed.
and yeah, all of this simultaneous.
of course.
life is the most stunning drug.
and hell no, i wouldnt change a damned thing.

hope you are all well!
keep it uppp

i wear: hat, dress, jacket: h&m, earrings: topshop, rings+bracelets: ebay, presents, from somewhere. shoes: meow/jeff campbell/nastygal


i dreamt i crossed the seven seas

mind feels like neon
all glowing and bent up
come dear, tear your wings off at the spine and tape them to the back of mine
cause I can fly higher
when i'm tired

bunnies, sorry for the absence lately.
mommy got lost on the way from the kitchen to the livingroom.
it happens to the best of us.
old story.

love uuuu
ps: we are fiiine

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