sonnybunny aka chiefcommander, the first day at home

so fellas, here we go.
we did it.
kiddo came nearly on point on 0707.
the first weeks i was swept away as white holes dry swallowed us just to spit us straight into the epicenter of good old n trusty insanity.
and back.
and now dolls, imagine all of that back and forth.
yeah, because this is how we rrroll.
back and forth.
back and forth.
back and forth.
.....ok, i guess you get it from here.
lemme tell you, i wouldnt exactly call it a glitterylalalaponyride but we all did a pretty good job and we feel absolutely fab now!
what shall i say dolls, he is the best thing that ever happened to me.
cant top that feeling.
now tell me what i ve missed in your lifes, how was your summer so far?
oww and thanks for your support.again.
and never forget i love u.
so take care, okay?

wearing: trench, shirt, belt, sunnies: h&m, cropped pants/shorts: american apparel, shoesies: melissa joy + a.h. via asos