come to mommy


the perfect maxi skirt by helmut lang available here
brilliant paperbagbagbagbagclutch available here
the bigger version is equally fab here



constantly feeling homesick
for a place that doesnt even exist


good intentions

get out of your chairs
go to your window
open them and yell
i am mad as hell
and i am not
gonna take this anymore

or i just make a sandwich after all

bralette from asos


caption this

i am too old to die young anyway so i proudly announce here and now:
i had a wonderful boooooring weekend!
hope you are well dolls!
love u

dress+glasses: asos, socks: falke, shoes: mango


reality check 1,2

today i had a profound moment when i realised that i am simply& downright not ready for half the stuff that people tell me.
now thats enlightenment.
on the other hand its at least nice to KNOW now that everyone else is a fucking mess as well.

hat: vintage via etsy, dress: shonajoy thanks so much for your effort dear Sara!, boots: vintage via ebay, diy cropped. bra: american apparel.



i like.
bralette from here
laceupblushbikerjeans from here

in other news studio total invited me to play with them.
i am ready.
bring it on.

i love you kiddos