blind your mind

my own mind is mine to drive in lanes that aren't allowed that's why i'm only allowed in circles around.

so long kiddos
mommy lays her head down now...at 22h....grannystyle
love to you from me

i am wearing: jacket+belt: h&m, shirt: h&m+diy painted, leggings: asos, booties: ebay.co.uk, bracelet: f21 necklace, rings: ebay+present+brook&lyn, lipstick:manic panic (should be dark purple but my lips had other plans x))

thanks to: style sample mag, fashionsnoops and fashionjinx for their interest! <3


the awakening

i live inside
all invited inside
eyes flutter feathers
my hairs fair like weather
i've blown my recovery
life is real when you're dreaming
life's a dream when you're reeling
but now that I know just what you're all about
i really just want out

dont forget, i love u
now go and have a rad weekend!
ps thanks for your sweet comments, i will get back to you soon.
i am wearing: shirt: h&m+diy, shorts: topshop, thigh high socks: american apparel, all rings: ebay, lipstick: rimmel/scream


sway with me

ok dolls, this is hard to watch.
me, i am damn close to an acid flashback.
you have been warned.
blame my boyfriend for this.
on the other hand its me who promenades around with m.c.eschers lifework all over the body.
time for eye rehab.
now ease your eyes with this lil stunner babes:

thanks to maria for the hint.
love u cherry pies!

i am wearing: fake leather vest: ebay+diy, cardi: asos, dress: american apparel, leggings: american apparel, shoes: jeffrey campbell (kiddos, they are available here again), my rings: ebay, pictured ring: from here


the tigers have found me

nevermind me.
you know, some people never go crazy.
me, sometimes i'll lie down behind the couch for 3 or 4 days.
just for fun.
true story.

...thats beeing said i wish my waaay better half a happy freakin bday!
i love you.honestly.daily.hard.whole.and more.

i wear: sheer white dress: american apparel, nude one shoulder dress: american apparel, trench: zara, sweats: h&m, shoesies: jeffrey campbell


challenge to the dark

dont bury me yet, i am still alive dolls.
i am out of ideas and also i think i got betrayed.
big times.
and topshop is the one to blame.
did i really manage to miss the fucker above?
i know they announced them years ago, are they gone in the meantime?
i thought i would notice when it hits the stores...
can someone enlighten me puhlease?
love you

i am wearing: cardi: etsy, dress: from the wonderful vera , rings: ebay
ps as some of you asked, my pics are all made by the main honey pie which is my boy


9 lives...minus the actual 2

i am wearing: mesh bodysuit: american apparel, skirt: h&m divided, cape: h&m, thigh high socks: american apparel, creepers: demonia/ebay.co.uk