crazy stufffff.
another topshop shirt featuring a pic by us.
oh that picture brings up the memories.
you know what dolls,
strange thing is,
i can hardly imagine how life actually
before little crumb.
strange thing.
in the best possible way.

thanks so much leticia+happypunt+topshop!

take care kiddos!
mommy loves you


little drum in your ear

i live in a world of fantasy
so keep your reality away from me
i see what i want
i want what i see
and that is all okay by me


dress: nowhere via nelly


play date

yesterday i felt too lazy to clear off my bed, so I just made a pink blanket princess fort to shield from the mob of toys up there, and slept in it.
it took me half an hour.
it would have taken one minute to clear off the bed.
no doubt,
i will do it again today.

ok goodbye now kiddos.
gonna play with sonny until we pass out.
then we will wake up tomorrow and start over again.
life is great.

love u

shirt:asos, shorts:insight, belt: american apparel, trench:topshop,
choker:nelly, shoes:pleaser, sunnies:karen walker


clear sense

i am into clear things.

kiddos, i am really sorry that i cant help you properly with the ankle cuff hunt, as i got them from abroad myself. but i am sure any bigger sized bracelet does the trick equally.
try it dolls.

clear tips: ebay, rings: imogen belfield+hardware store


pet me

i am finally able to say that i look like a giant fluffy bunny snowflake.
wishes can come true dolls.
oh and my teeth arent black actually.
i am wearing braces.
yes, braces.
its called midlifecrisis.

mohair sweater: vintage via ebay, shirt: zara, sunnies: house of harlow



sweets, little one turned 15 months today.
kid still refuses to say anything else than'mommy'.
which makes him the best son in the world obviously!
also he is not friends with the electric razor anymore so we let grow out his hair.
and now everyone starts to think he is a little girl.
the barbapapa hairclips which mommy bought to save his little eyes from the party up front add to the theme.
now kid is giggling with his pretty little girl mirror reflection for 15 minutes straight.
maybe i should set up a future therapy bankbook.
just in case.

shirtdress: cheap monday, sunnies: house of harlow/chelsea sunnies, choker: h&m, leg accessory:random shop, shoes: pleaser


you might think i am shallow but i am in to deep

dolls, i got me those, because i liked the block heel and stuff.
but in the end we all know that their name, pleaser romance 301, was the decisive factor.
for obvious reasons.
hmm ok, what else happened?
so, today i bought a juice pouch
and it had 2 straws instead of 1 stuck to it.

oh and i luv u kiddos, also if my commenting habits are shitty, i watch you all.
true story.

pants: asos, shoes: pleaser (for example from here), nailpolish: opi/ samoan sand