the fight within.

and I run child-like with gods anger a step behind,
back to simple sunlight,
wondering as the world goes by with curled smile
if anyone else saw or sensed my crime.

lovely dolls, i am a bit quiet lately.
but since i go to work and also wash my hair when needed, i have to be alive.
good news.
hope you all are fiiine.
i wear: dress:vintage/ebay.com, cardigan: etsy, shoes: winklepicker/ebay.co.uk, rings: ebay.co.uk, cross chain: f21, other hand: bootstraps/ebay.co.uk


come to mommy

...and daddy pay the bills, puhlease.

from left to right:
look at this perfect cardigan: anzevino & florence,
yes they are back! zoe bootie: nastygal
god,this cuffs+rings are pure genius: givenchy,
winklepicker strappy boots: ebay.co.uk
mineminemine vintage silk cape/cardigan: etsy,


i eat flowers for fun

crazy kid.

i wear:denim shirt:zara, shorts diy cropped:asos, socks:h&m, creepers: demonia/ebay.co.uk



i wanna thank the fab Houstina from cowgirlheaven for this fringyradnesssss.
shoulderpads and fringes...yeah, bring it on!thankssss cutie.
wish you the bessssssst weekend fellas!
have fun.
but not too much, ok? x)

i am wearing: top: cowgirlheaven, sequined shorts: topshop, jeans vest: zara, thights: noname, socks: h&m, shoes: from a really cheap noname shop


white demons

dolls, i hope you all are well!
i am in constant state of tiredness.but hey, at least something is constant in my life.
my mommy is so proud.
in other news, topshop had a weak moment of generosity, the result: we austrians can buy the damned shop empty now.
best thing ever.
good nite now.

love you honeypies.
ps: smooch to the cutie from leflassh for her feature.
i wear: dress: topshop, skirt: american apparel, shoes: jeffrey campbell (potion)


park life

hey, in case anyone wonders where the cat is recently- yeah, minx decided to pack her barbie suitcase and left me with a damned note on the fridge about how she needs time for herself and so on.
the old story.been there, done that.
they are all the same.

i wear: dress: vintage+diy, belt: some knotted material, cycle shorts: ebay, shoesies: jeffrey campbell (potion)