sun day

jesus christ, who knew the sun still existed?
but bitch tricked us long enough.
now throw away all your clothes, lock up your boyfriend, shave your head and take a dip in the nearest park lake.
let me know where and when.
i will be there.

thanks for still being around.

iridescent bomber: choies, top: frontrowshop, skirt: noname, sunnies: asos (old)



i will tell you something now.
you may think i am a the laziest ass around, but you are awfully wrong.
painfully wrong.
let me clear something.
see, the low frequency of posts is no coincidence, but out of my control and down to a really deep logic.
like mind-boggling super-duper life changing deep.
but i should add beeing deep has also side effects, it will make you watch 'showgirls', repeatedly every single day from now on till the end of your days and also you will feel the constant urge to dress up your cats in a fancy way.
but listen, its not the time to show any consideration as mommy has a point to proove here.
so here ist the truth if you can handle it:
i mulitplicate the posts of november 2010 with the square root of a number with 53 digits, subtract 2 and add 1. repeat 34 times.
everything makes perfect sense now.
i told you.

holo clutch: made for me by the gorgeous and talented crystal. thank you so much babe, i wear it every day!, top: topshop unique, velvet dungaree: topshop boutique, shoes: cheap monday


moving on

yeah, its been a while.
oh, and yeah, i am sick of looking at that damn december post too.
hear me?
take several seats now december post!
in other news i continued doing uhm things in real life.
anyway, hope you are fine kiddos!
love u
coat + pleather pants: frontrowshop (thank you so much Doris!), shoes: mango, belt: vintage, hat: asos