and then i hear the birds

i spent the last nights rolling around in bed and peeing alternately.
i blame the little one x)
i surrender.
sleep is so 2009 anyway.
just let the good times roll!
only my sissy eyes cant stand the heat.
i trick those dummies with wearing sunnies 24/7.
and i mean 24/7.
and with this sudden gift of time dimensions i finally find the time to think about sublime and also splendid things like why do we like our walls painted white and what to eat next.
now beat that!

i wear: lace biker jacket: h&m, dress: american apparel, shiny peach legging: american apparel, socks: c&a, snake print shoesies: mango, cat eye sunnies: nastygal


now is the only time i know

i see clear through
i see little fish in my little sea
all the birds have turned into hawks in me
and back
eyes wide
legs shut
lived vicariously
you are 3
show me the way to the white

i wear: trench& dress: h&m, denim shirt: lee/vintage, tights: asos, creepers: demonia, lipstick: manic panic/ raven



although i am damned sure most of you know this site, i want to show it to the ones who dont.esp to the austrian folks, as i realized there are still just a few native bunnies around there.where are you guys?for me lazy cat its the easiest, and therefor the best way, to check on updates of my fave blogs at one glance.also i explore loads of fab new kids there continuously.

chchchcheck it out.


my silence is unsound

kiddos, your darling comments make me happy. thanks for this daily delight.
hugs for that.
ok guys, there is some serious ta-tas&belly action going on here.
in other news, i get away with almost everything in everyday life right now.
best thing ever.
yeah, maybe not so much for my boyfriend.

i wear: cat eye glasses: nasty gal, parka: topshop, cardi: etsy/vintage, dress: asos, shoesies: jeffrey campbell/mary roks/solestruck.com



ok fellas, i tried to find fitting words to tell you this for a while now.... but failed.
yeah, maybe i did to many mommy jokes here x)
....we are superthrilled that our beloved little fighter will be in our arms at the begining of july.

looooove <3
i am wearing: denimish dress+jacket: h&m, leo cycle shorts: ebay.co.uk, shoes: jeff campbell /mary roks, rings from left to right: 2x ebay.co.uk, brook& lyn, emp.de/adderbite ring, nailpolish: o.p.i/you don't know jacques!, lipstick: manic panic/ blackrose&raven mixed