yay to these little bum covers from stone cold fox.
they will be out soon.
i decided not to wait for spring any longer.
i quit that bitch.
the whole fam as a collective found some comfort in an upbeat little cold instead.
snotty noses, dry cough and raspy voices.
see, it cant get any better than that.



fellas,i dont have current pics to post.
so here comes the b league.
yeah, i refuse, uhm, EVERYTHING until spring places its snobby arse right in front of my apartment door.

in other news bebe got his first teeth and started crawling like a pro.
and we?
we sit back and enjoy the show.

take care dolls
top+shorts: topshop, belt: american apparel, boots: vintage/ebay.com



the fuck?
same bent foot in every single picture?
come on now eszter.

1.shoes: mango, socks: falke, pants:asos. 2.+4.: vintage boots via ebay.com, and then i cropped them. 3.+5.: coin bracelet: vintage via etsy, charm bracelet via etsy from here


rainbow flavoured

what's not to love about this?
1.its sheermaxiflowingahhhh.
2.it screams spring.
3.no exhausting color decision needed...it fucking OWNS every color.
4.blanche devereaux would approve.
ok now, its obvious for all of us that at least since point 4. i can stop listing (and breathing).
i am sold.
jesus christ, it indeed has everything.
now the downside: its sold out meanwhile...
anyway dolls, lets keep an eye on the UNIF stuff (by the mucho loveable christine+ bf eric) as its sickkk.
pics taken from nastygal