eat, drink, be scary

dolls, if you look at this pictures and think
'why does eszter look like a naked rat in the face?',
you might have a point.
i paris hiltoned them eyebrows again.
bleaching is a generous hobby.
also yesterday i got asked if i ever smile.
best mail ever.
i am not sure about the answer though.

love u fellas

dress: asos, bomber: topshop, shoes: zara


tricks on shirts

pic from here featured by zara
brought to you by the tricks on shirts squad
<3 happypunt

edit: oh just noticed another one in black here
pic from this post



i am busy clicking trough the nyfw collections with the kid on the lap munching on popcorn.
life is good.
oversized glossy leather pants and outerwear, knee high boots, pointed toes, black, white, shades of red, thats what i like most so far.
Proenza Schouler for example did a good summary of that.



ode to my bed

i kinda like cable thickly wrapped around every limb possible.

in other news tell me, why is everyone so tired?
i swear these days i can hear my bones straining under the weight of
all the lives
i am not living

shirt: UEG, pants: zara, cable: hardwarestore



ok now, how awesome is this?
Veronica B. Vallenes teamed with BJØRG jewellry at copenhagenfw.
pics via vanillascented


the expectations were high and Spon Diogo delivered a cool and solid collection for aw12.
i really liked their hair and makeup.
check the show in motion here.

pic source


copenhagen aw12

i wouldnt mind those.
1,2,3,4 Designers Remix,5 Bruuns Bazaar, 6 Anne Sofie Madsen, 7+8 Baum und Pferdgarten, 9+10 Wackerhaus



ray of night

i get so mad when people accuse me of ‘sitting on the computer and being antisocial’
like you dont understand
i actually turn into a fucking social butterfly every time i open my laptop
but whatever


dress by lovely anna, shirt+sunnies: asos, jacket+shoes:zara, q via tumblr



1.since i missed out bigbig times on the white Theyskens' Theory wedges on sale i was happy to find some sort of knock offs at zara.
2. oversized baseball jacket, also by zara.
3.white shirt with a twist, made by the brilliant polish label UEG
its made of tyvek which gives it that wonderful paperish look.

hope you are all well fellas.