bright new morning

dolls, how fast does time fly? no?
i honestly experience some kind of time lapse situation here.
went from crazy to yesterday within a blink.
i cried, i cheered, i feared, i laughed.
and yeah, all of this simultaneous.
of course.
life is the most stunning drug.
and hell no, i wouldnt change a damned thing.

hope you are all well!
keep it uppp

i wear: hat, dress, jacket: h&m, earrings: topshop, rings+bracelets: ebay, presents, from somewhere. shoes: meow/jeff campbell/nastygal


i dreamt i crossed the seven seas

mind feels like neon
all glowing and bent up
come dear, tear your wings off at the spine and tape them to the back of mine
cause I can fly higher
when i'm tired

bunnies, sorry for the absence lately.
mommy got lost on the way from the kitchen to the livingroom.
it happens to the best of us.
old story.

love uuuu
ps: we are fiiine

wearing: maxidress+feather earrings: topshop, jeans vest: zara, rings: ebay,brook&lyn, noname shop, necklaces, bracelets around wrist: ebay, presents, bought someday, sandals: bought in nonameshop


simple needs

let me enter you
entertain you
entertain center
black eyes
your side
got my love in the pocket
gonna hock it for my life

-happy bday stylekingdom! keep it up girl.
-scusa, i am damned late on this but thanks for your interest recently mrs.blica!

i got me the dress and skirt pictured above.its from the sweetie that is anna, her collection is pretty rad.
check it out here or here if you like.
loveeee u

i am wearing: dress: by ana, earpiece: etsy by the lovely dearbear, shoesies: nastygal/jeffrey campbell, adderbite ring: emp.de, bracelet: nastygal, bra: american apparel