clear/perspex detailed shoes pop up everywhere.
and thats a good thing.
1.philip lims clean version. oh yes.
2.simone rochas perspex heeled men style shoes. pure genius.
3.around 10 years ago stuart weitzmann brought these out.
4,5.i did a quick search on clear shoes and found these. here, here.
ok, these or some other lucite stripperheels will do the trick till i have the balls to use the complete household cash on one of the above.
or i will simply wait till the highstreet brands bring out their own versions.
which i guess will be very soon.

1 pics:style.com, 2+3: source unknown


solid weekend

we started off sunday with a familytrip to the supermarket
in our pyjamas
serious business

hope you had a cozy sunday as well my dolls
love u

dress+creeper platforms: asos, sunnies: karen walker, cuffs: random shop, tights: falke



just smile like a normal fucked up person

thank you so much my dear nieki for hunting down this perfect cuffs and sending them wooooosh my way.
i so appreciate your effort.
in other news,
how is life, kiddos?
and what the hell to do after summer?
tell mommy your plans dolls.
love you

heels: zara, cuffs: from random shop in hongkong


blue steel

so this is what beeing stone cold sober for the past 2 years has done to me?
i am trapped in shitty poses in my livingroom.
someone come over and help me.

maxi dress: lucyd acid, choker: nelly, cuff: asos


i no longer wish to understand

its strange having your heart remember what your mind cant.

onsie/romper: american apparel, choker: nelly, sweater: freepeople