working class

yeah, we went to explore the hood today.it rained.it was windy.i stumbled through the streets.
as a bag lady of honour i tow flats everywhere.it was a short trip anyhow.what the fuck happened to the weather?the surround seems nice though.and yeah, besides i am still living between trash bags and boxes.
a true bag lady at heart.

i am wearing: biker jacket (diy studded+cut), denim shirt: zara, pants: f21, shoes: gojane


post movement

man, dolls i missed you.hell yeah.thanks babes for your sweet comments xoxox
the last two weeks were...hmm...lets say interesting...we got our keys for the new flat earlier and i spent the last week mostly on my knees or crooked with a broom/sponge/brush attached to several body parts.sexay.
i want to thank mimi the sweetheart from style.la-mimi.com for her interview and her interest.big smoooooch.
thank you dear Sofia from modefeber.se for your invitation to the dagensoutfit category on your rad site!i really love your site.i do.
i also want to thank maria from chicisimo for her her feature, and thanks to the sweets from chicintuition too!gracie to you all.i appreciate.
wahhh, mommy is sooooo tired so good nite cherrypies!
love you
i am wearing: top:blackmarketbaby(thanks hun,i love the top), jeans:h&m, shoes:h&m, rings:f21+ebay.co.uk, earring:diy, shoestrap: ebay.com



it was morning,it was afternoon,it was night.nothing changed.it was locked in place.something flashed,something broke,something remained.I walked down the streets and into it.

have a nice weekend sugarpies

i am wearing: jacket+shirt+overknees:h&m, shirt:zara, shorts:aa, boots+boot straps:ebay


no cats/humans were hurt...

...in this shots.
allthough she tried...evil bastard.
and how funny does she look?i could eat this sexay beast.
love you xoxo

i am wearing: vest:target/ebay, shirt:h&m,shorts:vintage levis+diy,


i am broke

sweets, i wanna introduce you to the talented Audrey from blackmarketbaby, if i wasnt so damned broke the bucklejacket would be so incredibly mine.
thats tragic.

i want to thank the skilled Tara from leviticusjewelry !she is doing innovative and affordable pieces.thanks babe!! (last 2 pics)

i will definitely keep an eye on them both.
love you bunnies!