here we are now, entertain us

"we cant do anything to change the world until capitalism crumbles.
in the meantime we should all go shopping to console ourselves."

in other news, dont forget i love you kiddos
i am just damned busy

pic:source, quote:banksy



#1+2 random shots. caca shades in full force.
#3 gimme more. via topshop.
#4 niiiice. from here.
#5 yeah, kid seems really exited to spend some quality time with us.
and yes, the side eye runs in the fam.
and yes, he is also forced to wear caca.

through all the years i still love this.
if you read this davey,

clothes: shorts+cardi:topshop, sheer shirt: american apparel
edit: kids: h&m



they are building this house half a block down
and i stand there at night
and inside i can see cats walking
the way cats walk
and the ribs of the house show
and something seems not right
and i look through this house
and it seems the house does not want to be built
through its sides i can see the hills turn purple
and it is cold
and i button my coat
and it seems people should not build houses anymore
and it seems people should not
brush their teeth, comb their hair, get in their cars
and i am tired
and it seems there is a lot to forget
and a lot not to do
and i stand there looking through the house
and the cats stop and look at me
until i am embarrased
and move north up the sidewalk

cape,pants,shirt: zara, belt:h&m, shoesies: topshop