unleashed sympathy

ok dolls,the rain wont stop.what's a girl to do?
arguing wth the cat?again?better not.she wins.
hey,come on,cleaning was never an option if we are honest.
food could be entertaining for a while.but then?hmmm.
...ok,ok,damnit.i capitulate.
where the fuck is the cat?

i was playing around with chains as i fell insanly in love with litters shoulderpiece.i am still thinking about options.maybe bootstraps.yeah.

i am wearing: diy shoulderchain, shirt: asos, shorts: vintage levis, lace bra: all saints



hi me dolls,i am a bit uninspired and also a little tired from my past holidays-which are officially over now.i have the feeling i could use them more now than before.which can only mean that they were good i guess x)

wahhhh, i am waiting for a few things for fucking 3 months now because they got back ordered for ages.white creepers with a low sole from this funny site:

the astis from j. campbell

....ok, i am late with both of them but i had a shoe embargo going on and then...fucking back order.

also topshop is making me gagaaaa because those bastards dont deliver to austria and they make mommy wait for months till their stuff appears on ebay...for double the price of course.
not nice.
but this is nice:
love you xxo eszter

2 top pics are from ponyexpress


we ain't got no money, honey, but we got rain

there are so many days
when living stops and pulls up and sits
and waits like a train on the rails.
and I walk on and wonder where
the living goes
when it stops.

ps:thanks for your lovely comments honeypies

i wear: jacket:ebay.co.uk, dress:vintage/ebay, belt:h&m, shoes:no name, shoe straps:ebay.co.uk, hat:h&m


don't try to fix me...i am not broken

with love

i am wearing: dress:ebay with diy added shoulderpads, shoes:jeffrey campbell, rings: ebay, f21,no name, glasses:no name


we danced.we drank.i kissed them all x)

...what else to expect from a good nite?
big smooches to mia,vanessa and the rad ladies from germany dany aka anna and kathrin.i think i love you...
uur leiiwwwaaauuunnd oiiidaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

also a shout out to: zad, fanfarella, cooloutfit and stefan.it was a pleasure to meet you!

sanubs ich liebe dich,aber das weisst du ja x)

the first 6 pics are taken from the glamcanyon site.

i die.banannas.party.hell, yessss.

fashion blogger day vienna.
we had such a blast!!yeahhh!!
thanks to the superlovely mia who made things happen!!
more pics will follow when my head stops spinning.
all pics above were made by the grrrrreat katja from glamcanyon.
chchcheck her out fellas.


move reflux

she was the one who secretly (or not even that) enjoyed the horrific move.
but more important, look at this precious little body of hers.these proportions.
i die.
like a piece of art.
kind of.