-so, my hair and i had a little argument lately.
i decided to quit it just in time before it could pack its hello kitty
suitcase and leave me first.
i am just not the being dumped type of girl.
can you hear me hair?
ha, who has the last laugh now?

-shorts are the new
so i bought about 36 new ones.

-bunnies, excuse the lack of creativity in posing and settings lately.
slack leaning against walls is getting old.
i know.

as well as i know that i love u.
take care precious ones!

shorts+bag: stylenanda (seen at knightcat), shirt: zara, sunnies: nastygal, shoes: jc via nordstrom, lipstick: mix of mac girl about town and pink eyeshadow.



i am so back kiddos.
mommy and son had an unpleasant tooth mayhem going on.
the difference is
he gets them
i loose them.

in other news,
how brilliant are the insight campaigns and their swimwear?

pics taken from several insight campaigns


the real world

slept till 1pm.
brought the garbage out.
stroked the neighbours dog.
and for an hour or more i evaluate how much longer i can hold back peeing until a little incident happens right under me.
the idea of moving hurts me physically.
ok now, would somebody give me a damned reality tv show already?
i feel that i have so much to give to the world.

watercolor dress: unif/christine via prettypennies.com, shirt: american apparel, shorts: vintage/levis via ebay, boots: vintage+cropped via ebay.com, bralette: asos, sunnies: h&m



i will drown myself in weltschmerz this evening.
just because i can.
and its sunday after all.
now after deciding this, i now ask myself if it would be appropriate to wash my hair for this occasion.


shirt+sunnies: topshop, shorts: levis/vintage, shoes: zara