cause and effect

ok, we all knew i will miss a lot of shows....ok.but hey the ones i saw were pretty entertaining and creative.fun times.
and yeah of course i didnt take my cam with me.
maybe next year i will think more proper.
besides this it has been a-lets simply say "strange" week, honeypies.
weird stuff happens.
excuse me when i escape to sleep now where glittery unicorns, shiny rainbows, and playing toddlers are waiting for me.

love u
i wear: cardi: asos, dress: etsy custom made, socks: h&m, shoes: noname, rings: ebay


riddle me this

ok , although i have no fuckin clue bout fashion your sister will visit vienna fashionweek next week.
what has the world become?
note to myself:
-comb your hair
-blow your nose
-wear undies
-dont drink too much
-dont talk to strangers
-and if, just say yes
love eszter

i wear: jacket+shirt: h&m, shorts: vintage levis, shoesie: demonia/ebay.co.uk


we used to be a team

six hours of work
no backup
program crashed
everything is away
hard disk full
wrong version
update misses
no manual
RAM too small
wrong version
update not available
square eyes
screen is black
site doesnt load
nothing found
error unknown
processor to slow
site doesnt load

...yeah,we used to be a team.

i wear: trench: zara, dress: vintage/ebay.com, harness: ebay.co.uk, tights: h&m, shoesies: jeff campbell, sunnies: noname


spilled milk (and other fluids)

yeah dolls, its time again to blow noses, dry cough and other sexay things.
i decided to be a good example and started the trend already.
good times!

but hey,lets talk about better things...much better ones to be exact.
the rad mag is about photography, fashion and design.they got also inspired by blogs, flickr and etsy....you will see a few familiar faces there.word.
they even decided to feature your old mate in their blog style category next to a bunch of fierce girlsssss.
thanks for that marie!

and you honeybunnies, stay healthy!
love u

i wear: jacket+hat: h&m, cape/cardigan: etsy, dress: ebay, tights: drugstore, shoes: ebay.co.uk, bag: asos, rings: ebay


hardly close to right

i use to cry when it is fashionable to laugh.
i am getting older when it is fashionable to be young.
i hate when it would have taken less courage to love.

yes kiddos,the love game between the light effects and us is still in full bloom as you see.
if it bothers you, excuse us, we had no childhood.
some of you asked which cam we use.
its the canon eos 450d.
have a nice saturday nite!

i wear: jacket+dress+hat:h&m, lace tights: palmers, thigh highs: american apparel, shoes: ebay.co.uk (demonia), rings: ebay, earring:diy