caption this

thanks dear guys from Bloggerswardrobe&Gestuz for this trench.
on another note the vein on my arm should take several seats.
bitch tries to steal the spotlight.

trench: Gestuz via Bloggerswardrobe, cap: h&m


hello there

things happen.
i am just trying to adjust.

love u

jacket: cos, skirt: pixiemarket, shirt: feist&heist
shoes: etsy



what a wonderful day.
i am just about to get shit done.
this is a warning.

skirt+sleeveless top: nowhere, longsleeve: american apparel, sunglasses: asos, cap: h&m, leather jacket: backstage, shoes: mango



sorry for the boring settings lately dolls.
i hear you, but listen, as soon as the kid sees a camera in our hands he goes into riot mode until he can see himself on the cam display.
dont judge.
he is really pretty.
our only chance for a few shots is while the little rat sleeps.
so i am not living on balconies, beeing all white and stuff
mostly i am indoors wearing black.
hope you understand and hang in there till the phase will be replaced by
uhm another phase.
story of our lives
love u kiddos

perforated jumper: cos, belt+skirt no name, shoes: mango, sunglasses: asos


new glass

i love the batman vibe of the sunglasses.
and my eyes love me for finally bringing functional glasses home.
ok, the batcomputer is none to frisky today Robin.
holy shit, lets get outta here.

sunglasses: Ksubi bought here, optical glasses: Oscar Magnuson via Bloggerswardrobe