i keep running

guys, are you over the plaid thing yet or not?i have to admit that i still love it.i am still searching for a longer shirt than this which i can actually wear as a dress and thights without showing coochie.the ones i found were superxxxxxl and were broader then broadway.
not good.so searching goes on.
i will stop spaming now and go to bed.


lisalindey said...

im definitly still loving plaid. its so hard to find a good shirt though thats long enough without being super wide. xo

Anonymous said...

That harness is amazing, Do you remember where you got it? Ive have been searching for the perfect one!!

katja said...

im still loving plaid too. its just so easy and comfy.

Lou said...

I love the bodychainthing and shoes!!!

Anonymous said...

the harness looks hardcore.
have been looking for something like that for AGES now!
you're by the far the prettiest blog chick i've ever seen.
we dress quite similar