pre movement

my dolls, thanks for your comments first.i will post pics of the flat as soon we moved in end of the month.
moving...the horror.i move around town every 3 years on average.
dont ask me why because i dunno.
its a mystery.
a painful one.
on the other hand it might be plain stupidity.
love you honeypies.

ps:ihr süssen, karten für den wiener fashion blogger day am 06.06.2009 gibts ab 01.05.2009 zu kaufen.mehr infos unter: stylekingdom.com.

i am wearing: sunnies:ebay,romper:asos,boots:ebay,bracelet:wrappedf21 necklace



i feel bad that i let my girl francesca (babooshkaboutique) wait....finally i dug out this pics where i am wearing the harness shirt/dress she sent to me a while ago together with the pastell skirt.that night was a good one by the way x)here we go with a big delay.
i really dig it.thanks again!
love you honeypies

to visit her shop go here


the party is over kiddos

finally we found a flat!i am happy but broke.deflating broke.damned, things are gettin serious with loans n stuff.i guess i am a grown up now...
...i kid.
ps:beso por jordi

i wear:denim jacket:h&m, shirt:zara, pants:f21, boots:urbanog, necklace worn as bracelet:f21, rings:ebay



babes, sorry for my absence.eastern was rough but it was all worth it.i went crazy now i suffer.
as simple as that.man eszter, you will never learn.
thanks honeypies for all your sweet comments ! i will visit your blogs in the next days as i have time finally.yeah.
i wanted to show you this romper i just ordered from asos it might get my fave for summer.and hey earcuffs are backkkk.
THANKS to kirsten who was patient enough to paint mommy.<3 ittttt
thanks also to the superlovely dayna for the feature.i really appreciate.smooch.
thanks also for the never tired stylecopycat for her fab style watch which we all enjoy.meooow.

big hugs to you all

take care babes

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rings:ebay, cross earring:diy


basic streetdance part 2

i am happy.
that makes me less unhappy i guess.
i am clever.
but what should i do with so much spare time now? x)


i wear: jacket: ebay.co.uk, shirt: h&m, jeans: bdg/urbanoutfitters, shoes: jeffrey campbell/modcloth.com


unicorns.black skies.red lips.plate.

yay dolls,i looove spring!me and my boy enjoyed the first reasonably warm night outside.if you wonder why its always just me in the pics...sweetheart is shy....bless his soul.but i will smuggle a pic of him here soon.definitely.
he will hate me.
hope you are fine babes!
xxo eszter
cropped leatherjacket:ebay, denim jacket:ebay, shirt:ebay/topshop, shorts:vintage+diy, shoes:h&m, rings:ebay