cat domination

i am so tired that i fell asleep in the middle of the day with tv,glasses,maximum lights and clothes on, drivel on the pillow and all that shit.my cat jut woke me up.the fucker uses the stomach as a trampoline then she runs of as fast as her (not so little) weight allows her.
what a loveable creature.damn you.
and yeah the heels are back.missed them.


seek and destroy

ok dolls, mommy got a brand new cam.i told you i have to get my shit together.shopping is remedy.but i suppose you sweets know that fact.I got this sweater at ebay i think i will destroy it further and let it reborn as a cardi.if someone is interested in the seller on ebay.co.uk let me know!
ps: danke für deine geduld.ich liebe dich sanubs.



oh sweeties,i refuse nearly everything lately it seems.maybe except drinking and headache. not good.just to name a few exiting things i ve done besides refusing so far:work,tv,sleep.fascinating.i need to get my shit together again.but yeah i found time to paint the shirt finally.inspiration was the margiela shirt in the pic underneath (saw it on lulu lately too)and hell yeah it was cold in the rain x)i hope you babes are allright!did i miss something?tellmetellmetellme!



chicintuition made an interview with me.yay.thank you babes!
if you want you can check it out here:
love you huns



fellas, i just wanted to order these babies from bebe.com.i dont even know what size 10M is.i dont fucking care.they are the last ones and i am in trance.yes.
but you know what they would cost me? 364.94 $ instead of 179$ including shipping and taxes/duties.wtf?i will cry in my pillow tonight.but if you are a 10M and in the u.s....

fall is just around the corner (of my house)

these are from fall.just stumbled cross them.
whats going on with my face?death stare hello?


summer is in the heart...i guess

im gettin old i guess.somehow i start to like winter.or lets better say dislike summer.we have just a few weeks summer here so there is kinda pressure to make the most of it.i constantly feel guilty somehow.sometimes i am happy when it rains.you know this kind of shit?
winter is growing on me.
this is a bad sign.
sweeties, i just saw those shoes are up again on victoriassecret.com!
for maybe half the cash.hell yeah.


backstreets back

uff, i am kinda glad the holidays are over guys.
exhausting and the opposite of sober and relaxing.
but hey i am looking forward to break all resolutions.^
to be honest i gave up the resolution thing long time ago.
its better for my health.
pressure damages.
wish you all a good start in 09 babes!
the jacket is made by the stunning vera (Deep in Vogue) .
i am in love.
hope we meet soon vera!
visit her shop here