counting the hours

mermaid hair with a hint my little pony.
i blame tumblr.
anyway, have a wonderful slide my dolls!!
thanks for everything!!
see you in 2012!!

shirt:asos, bomber jacket: topshop, choker: nelly, jeans:cheap monday


bye bye 2011

ok, its that time of the year again to look back and to think,
wtf is wrong with you eszter? what happened with your new years resolutions?
-me every year.
its also the time of the year to feel great joy
or big sadness.
things change, life is a stunning motherfucker,
and you never know what that bitch is up to next.
its a tricky task sometimes.
we all know dark places, demons, and times when you have the feeling shit never stops and it seems nothing can make you feel better.
but when you least expect it, maybe tomorrow, maybe even today,
life turns upside down again.
simply because thats what life does for living.
that is a promise.
reach out, hang on, dont let go.
you are not alone.
truest story ever.
i love you kiddos, take care.
your mommy


damned. i am not running away, i am moving on.

so kiddos, did you enjoy christmas? i hope you are in a good place with your beloved ones around and tap your little cookie belly with great pleasure right now.
we 3 moved finally during the holidays, and let me tell you it wasnt pretty.
good thing is i gave away half of the household and i feel like a purified virgin now.
my boyfriend on the other hand puts a good face on during days, in the nights he cries silently in his pillows about the never ending cycle of riot he is forced to join in. bless his little soul.
oh and look, my girl anna made this dress for me and i am really happy about the outcome.
she is a tornado, just give her a few clues and woosh a cool dress is at your doorway.

wearing:dress by anna, bomber jacket:topshop, sweater:cos, sunnies:henry holland, flatforms: jc


i would

philip lim pre-fall 2012.
oha and mommy made it to twitter finally.
say hello here kiddos.


white noise

i have an eye on spon diogo ever since i fell in love with their yellow getup last summer.
the ss12 collection seems so easy to wear. i especially like the first one.

oh and these remind me of chloe's mirror heels, and shit, 46$ is unbeatable.
go here dolls.



from various tumblrs


sometimes i think i was born backwards

mommy has fever and will cuddle up to the boys and then die slowly.
self-pity chapter 11.
smooches and take care

shirt:zara, bomberjacket: topshop, pants:asos, sunnies: henry holland, shoes: nowhere



dont you just hate it when somebody tells you to keep calm?
i want mermaid mint hair.
love u

dress: three floor, sunglasses:house of harlow


pockets full of dust

kiddos, i ve got a few mails regarding where to find the clear nails.
you can easily find them on ebay, just search for 'clear tips', you will find loads of offers.
i conveniently bought the glue in the same ebay shop but i think every nail glue will do the trick.
i never tried fake nails before but it was really easy to stick them on, so just try it dolls!
cut them to any length as they are awesome short and long.
sometimes i also get asked about shopping in vienna, but i have to admit that i buy 99% of my stuff online. i would suggest the area around the 'neubaugasse' for highstreet brands and other little shops though.
if you want to know something more specific just go and leave a comment and i will answer right there.
or simply reach out and touch me here:

love u

coat&pants: zara, bodysuit: ebay, belt: nelly, lipstick: rimmel/red hot


its on

bloggerswardrobe launched and its beautiful.
not as beautiful as its founders.
but still.
ccccant wait for upcoming things!

shorts+sweater: three floor, i adopted the whole look as i really like it.
sunnies: house of harlow


caption this

i live in spring already.
its a good place.

skirt: made by the talented anna (fw 2010), shirt: cos, bag: vintage via etsy. cut off black mesh which covered the clear part, choker: nelly


we each have our own set of stars

call off the hounds and cancel the order for your detective kit from amazon.
because i am still.
in the here.
and now.
thing is,
insomnia is the key to my life,
to kill the boredom
i dig in souls during nights
till i find the door to morning.
during days
i am constantly tired.
and my hands are always dirty.
story of my life.

kiddos, have i told you lately that i love you?
yes, i luv u.
thanks for your your darling support and dear comments.
you make my day.
every day.

shirt+skirt: asos, shoes from here



crazy stufffff.
another topshop shirt featuring a pic by us.
oh that picture brings up the memories.
you know what dolls,
strange thing is,
i can hardly imagine how life actually
before little crumb.
strange thing.
in the best possible way.

thanks so much leticia+happypunt+topshop!

take care kiddos!
mommy loves you


little drum in your ear

i live in a world of fantasy
so keep your reality away from me
i see what i want
i want what i see
and that is all okay by me


dress: nowhere via nelly


play date

yesterday i felt too lazy to clear off my bed, so I just made a pink blanket princess fort to shield from the mob of toys up there, and slept in it.
it took me half an hour.
it would have taken one minute to clear off the bed.
no doubt,
i will do it again today.

ok goodbye now kiddos.
gonna play with sonny until we pass out.
then we will wake up tomorrow and start over again.
life is great.

love u

shirt:asos, shorts:insight, belt: american apparel, trench:topshop,
choker:nelly, shoes:pleaser, sunnies:karen walker