made in sweden

we had the pleasure to view a few designs from some swedish brands while our stay in stockholm.here we go.
1+2:the jewellery designs from talented Anna Tascha are a very cool mix of mystic symbols and alchemistic spirit.
3+4. Seika Lee. glad i got to know the brand as they had a brilliant black coat that must be mineminemine as soon as their online shop is up. clean designs and very impressive tailoring.
last but not least 5+6: experiments with metals like copper, which might change over time, and a cool raw finish is what Unravel stands for.
thank you all for having us!

pictures by Karin and Marianna <3


ankle cuff

ha, they are back in stock here.

army of lovers

i had such a wicked& intense time in stockholm.
my personal highlight was to meet the iconic Jean-Pierre Barda.
yes, fucking Jean-Pierre Barda.
oh the memories.
check my facial expression while i listen to him solemnlyin (last picture).
thanks my dear Marianna, sweet Karin, gorgeous Dennis and the whole
Studio Total crew for the unforgettable extravaganza.
i miss you all.

pictures by Johanna



remember all those great times you had
and all the things you hoped to be?


cloud burst

big thank you kiss for your precious tips dolls! i feel prepared now!

ok, 1. Tiger of Sweden is a brand with over a century of tailoring experience.
2.i follow them every season.
so lets just say it feels GOOD to own a piece of their summer collection.
fine details& straight cuts all the way.

love u

dress: Tiger of Sweden via bloggerswardrobe,bomber jacket: cheap monday, sunnies: Oscar Magnuson via bloggerswardrobe


on the prowl

so, i am going to stockholm upcoming weekend to meet bears& squirrels and sweet Marianna.
its my first time, any tips what not to miss?
also this sweater from Gudrun&Gudrun feels like home.
i wouldnt mind if it swallowed me for a while.
best part, there is enough room for the whole fam.
love u

sweater: Gudrun&Gudrun via bloggerswardrobe, sunnies: Oscar Magnuson via bloggerswardrobe, shoes: zara.


all round

i just received these sunnies by Oscar Magnuson via Bloggerswardrobe.
thanks daddies.
they are just about the right size, not oversized, not teeny tiny.
and this is a rare thing in circle sunnies.
i am pleased.
so lets call it a day now.

love u



here we go again.
standing in the middle of streets.
giving straight face while the kid dies laughing in his stroller on the sidewalk.
our lives are average.

jacket+shoes: zara, jeans: cheap monday, shirt: chicwish, cap: h&m


beer is not my friend anymore

i cant with myself today.
good nite my friends.

baseball cap, top, bralette:h&m, skirt: random, shoes: zara


fall forward

the topshop unique collection nailed it.
the new direction feels really right.
first trick, i am so gonna diy this hatgonecapthing.

pics via shini& anywho

Au, 79

i bought this a while ago and if you are a member
of the 90's memorabilia club like me,
gold body jewelry might be an alternation to your common steel ones.

septum ring+flesh tunnels from random shop