dark waters

playtime kiddos.
i promise a regular post soon...

i wear: stretch corset: special order made by the talented blackmarketbaby



what wasnt meant to move is in motion.
wisdom has come and gone.
magic is the only remedy.

UPDATE: i bought the shoes here

i wear: body: h&m, corset: deadly girlz, necklace: f21, cropped vintage levis jeans, diy cropped thights, shoesies: jeff campbell potion shoe.


final countdown

ok, so here you can see the hopeful effort of my boy (bless his soul) trying to take a legitimate picture of me with no coochie n stuff involved.hard work indeed.
my dress wont cooperate.it has a little attitude issue going on.
one word:diva.
and yeah, i slowly but steady mutate into the leadsinger of europe.
i kinda enjoy it.
ok, the end is near honeypies.
love u
ps: thanksss to sweet silje from minmote for your interest!
i am wearing: denimvest: zara+diy studded, dress: ebay, cropped thights: bipa, shoes: jeff campbell, hat: h&m


in your face

fellas, we ve got it done yesterday!the opening was fine and i wanna thank everyone for their interest and their visit.
so, for the next 2 months 21 cool cats and my better half&me will raid the streets of vienna and mug shot down the area.
you can try to hide but we will find you.
so be warned.
its such a blast, it really grows on me.
in other news i am hung over.
and i tell you dolls, that will never ever grow on me.
true story.
if you like to check out our project "The Vienna Fashion Observatory" go here.




babees,i a bit in a hurry.i am on my way to budapest.family collision.can be great.can be a nightmare.i think you all know what i am talking about.yeah, and we are busy with raising our bastardly lovechild: The Vienna Fashion Observatory.chchchcheck it out here.
we have a blast with itttt.there is definitely more to come...
shitfuck its late.ok, i have to pack now.
wish you all a good start into the week.
i am wearing:shirt: h&m, shorts:h&m, cycle shorts: aa, shoesies: jeffrey campbell, sunnies: noname, denim bag: asos



ok dolls, i seem to enjoy nudes.so nothing new here.
i will stop the madness.i promise.
thats been said heres a little insight into my past few days:
almost dawn.
blackbirds on the telephone wire waiting as i eat yesterdays forgotten sandwich at 5 a.m. on a quiet morning.
one shoe in the corner standing upright, the other laying on its side.
oh yes fellas, some lives were made to be exceptional.

i love you guys.
dont forget.

oh, and check out our babeee: theviennafashionobservatory.com

i am wearing: trench: zara, denimshirt: zara, cycle shorts: american apparel, shoes: jeffrey campbell


yeah yeah es

karen o.in concert.it was fine/intense.
i am tired.
dont mind babees, i go to sleep.
love you
i am wearing: glasses:no name, trench:zara, body:h&m, jeans: levis cropped, shoes: asti -jeff campbell(yes,they are herrre)