happy new year bunnies ♥

its truly good to know you still have my back also when my blogging routine is truly the shittiest around.
hands down.
thank you so much for dropping by and supporting my wackiness.
it made and makes me happy over and over again daily.
i feel really blessed all around.
um, ok, mommy gets emotional now...
go and partayyyyjiiiiee your heads off dolls!
may your dreams come true in 2011!
stay the way you are
i love u


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Baby!! I'll be following your blog even if the updates come year apart. You have unic and strange(In a good way) style. You have so awesome style and way of life. You are amazing momma and so stylish one too. Im gonna be something like you as a momma, when I get my baby, least I hope so. Gongrats to all your family! But just remember keep the pictures coming(so that I can copy):D.

Magdalena Krupa said...

I love you too!

rouli said...

happy new year!


ediot said...

hey darling. happy happy new year.
i hope you had a nice nye dear
wish you all good things for 2011
take care

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you!! All the best in health, happiness and fashion in 2011!

TheMinx said...

happy new year! I love all your posts, no matter when they come :)

Pavlína Hřebačková said...

Happy NEW Year!

kiss xxx

Law1sfab said...

Happy New year kitten you hot moma I am down with the joy on the kid front, my boy is one and a half and yes now I have no life but he is my life (little rocker in the making).
Love to you and your bub enjoy the cuddles once they find their feet they run around non stop haha

Anonymous said...

lovely blog!
follow eachother?
i'm following you on bloglovin.

lots of love,

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PUNKIE said...

Happy New Year to you Eszter!

In our life there are many things that are more and more important than blogging!
By the way, your style is so fucking great that' for sure I'm still here waiting for your looks! ;D

amalie said...

happy happy new year!

The Photodiarist said...

Happy Happy New Year to you and your family!! It's been a pleasure following your blog!

Fashion Nicotine said...

Happy new year!

Anonymous said...

LOL you and I could be in contention for bloggin routines, but I'd rather write about something I know rather than come up with something off the cuff. Cheers!

my name's Morgan. said...

Happy new year!
Your blog is always worth checking out, even if the posts get more sporadic when you get busy etc.
love your blog :)


Mia said...

have an amazing new year and find the flat of your dreams my dear.
kisses & see you soon! ;)
mia x

Boys Formal Wear said...

Happy New Year to all..wish all of you have a prosperous life next year..cheers!!

Jessie Rubin said...

happy new year!
your blog is my favorite...ill be watching it even if your posts come 1 every lightyear!!


Missariadne said...

I love your blog!
I'm new follower.
Happy 2011.

Ziba Khatibi said...

What a sweet post...

PKelly's Site said...

love your blog!!! happy New Year to you!!! :)


Nia said...

Happy new year! As much as I love writing for my site, life comes before blogging. All your readers love you no matter what. Stay gorgeous!

xo Antonia


Alexandra said...

happy new year! And your blog isn't the shittiest, you should see mine ! (and that is not a direct invite,though it looks like one)

alexandra @

Anonymous said...


E said...

I hope you're having a wonderful new year with your new(ish) baby!

Sjaar said...

Make ur dreams come trough also BEBE!

helene said...

Happy new years! have to admit I'm totally new here, as a reader of your blog. but yeah finally a blog worth following! so, see you around. keep up the good work... and so on!

LAVEL said...

+follow! :>

LeneM said...


Love your blog.

/LM Denmark


sophie van oirschot said...

jeeeesus my lord your blog is too cool to be true love!
i'm your newest number 1 follower!