in your face

fellas, we ve got it done yesterday!the opening was fine and i wanna thank everyone for their interest and their visit.
so, for the next 2 months 21 cool cats and my better half&me will raid the streets of vienna and mug shot down the area.
you can try to hide but we will find you.
so be warned.
its such a blast, it really grows on me.
in other news i am hung over.
and i tell you dolls, that will never ever grow on me.
true story.
if you like to check out our project "The Vienna Fashion Observatory" go here.



This chick's got style said...

That's so cool!!
Can't wait to see the pics :)

Ashley said...

Cool project! V. excited to see the photos you get!


michi said...

great great pics! so looking forward to all of your portraits of the city! :-)

Magdalena Krupa said...

I love Vienna and I love you... and your new project:)

Siljesfashion said...

That looks so cool! Check out your interview at www.minmote.no! Thanks again!

chloe said...

cool! i really like the pics and the questions :)
i sometimes think about doing a cyprus street fashion site but i don't think id find many people to photograph! hm..
kisses! x

vanessa said...

Super Bilder! Und du hast den Herrn im Mini erwischt (wir nicht)
Sehr geil ;P

Isabel said...

I have the exact same grey tiger print dress as a girl in one of your pictures!

Charleston said...

great backstage candids. showing how fun fashion can be. a great blog in general


Anonymous said...