riddle me this

ok , although i have no fuckin clue bout fashion your sister will visit vienna fashionweek next week.
what has the world become?
note to myself:
-comb your hair
-blow your nose
-wear undies
-dont drink too much
-dont talk to strangers
-and if, just say yes
love eszter

i wear: jacket+shirt: h&m, shorts: vintage levis, shoesie: demonia/ebay.co.uk


Barbro Andersen said...

Haha, great :D

CalamityJem said...

Those shoes are freaking awesome!
BTW enjoy fashionweek, you have oodles of style so they are lucky to have you!...x

Emma Robinson said...

love the jacket!
xoxo Emma


anya said...

i couldnt think of a more suited person! You look great, hope you're good!

love anya

LaurenSchoon said...

Very cute outfit! I love the leather jacket

Safiaa said...

Really good pictures ! you look greaaaat ! i love you're style

Christen said...

Did you rip those tights yourself? They look awesome. Love this look!

Kiwi said...

i love th denim!


PUNKIE said...

wow, Eszter, you are always fantastic.
love love love your style so much!

Blue is in Fashion said...

Ah ah love your "note to yourself" :D
Outfit, too, of course!

playwithfashion said...

Wow, great look girl!!!

Rina said...

cool outfit!

jea said...

Oh thanks! I designed the tattoo my self and im really pleased how it turned out.

I really love your style and im really glad that i found your blog.

Elisa The Snake said...

kik im hintergrund :D

great pictures, as always.

Anonymous said...

I love your style. It's so rock 'n' roll! The pictures are awsome.

Take a look.

Karoline said...

Sounds like a plan;) But really you are always fashionable! Love your outfit, I also always use my leopard scarf as a belt,looks great!


kpeach New York, NY said...

Very Blondie!

Eva said...

The shoes! Awesome...

Erinmarie said...

i really like your shorts with tights!

baditz said...

jenny mindig is kedvenc volt.:P
jol, azthiszem..
csak nem tudtam ravenni magam hogy bemenjek a fosulira.
teljesen ertelmetlennek erzek mindent ami atlagos.
es te hogy vagy?

a note to you:
-never comb your hair. it's perfect.

sexyinthecity said...

Love the outfit!
specially creepers!!!!!!

harlequins party said...

wise words sweets. Love the shorts

Ashleigh said...

loves it all ;)

I have the same belt...


S.I.Q. said...

great photos!

-disney on space
-fashion & cartoons
-Marc J

E said...

I think you've got your head on straight and can do no wrong. AH! So jealous! You're going to have so much fun!

Taylor Sterling said...

I adore the shorts! Have fun!! wow!

Anna said...

Love your outfit, and especially your hair!

Jowy said...

You are looking totally rad yet again. Btw dont comb ur hair, wear undies, and do drink and talk to strangers they have the best stories :-D

One Love,

Appeal to the Eye said...

my rock'n'roll queen!
love ya! hei you must teach me how to find things in ebay, I'm such a stupid and never find anything!

Styleseeking Zurich said...

these photos look like paparazzi shots! love em.
and great notes : )


Niviarsiaq said...

your hair is like the best thing on earth, seriously! Do you just bleach it?
Loving the striped so with that belt!
thanks for commenting!! I love your blog!!

Mcmaris said...

I love your comments after your pics. Hysterics.
This outfit is awesome, love the leopard belt, LOVE the shoes!
Have fun at Vienna fashionweek!

Taryn Andre said...

love this outfit. Enjoy yourself at vienna fashion week. I'm sure you will if you stick to your 'note to self' :-)

Ashley said...

Very cool outfit..and I love the bag.


Kristiane said...

Woman, I think I'm in love with you!

elinalexi said...

wow, you have such an awesome style, I really like it!

Anette O. said...

Alter Schwede du geile Sau!!! Sprengt wiedermal alles ;)
Also Berlin is der Hammer!! Es läuft alles gut und ich bin richtig froh den schritt gewagt zu haben und mein liebendes Wien zu verlassen :) - und was geht bei dir so? Was machst du eigentlich immer so?
Ich bin übrigens am 3 Oktober am Badeschiff Wien auflegen - vielleicht hast ja lust und kommst vorbei, dann setz ich dich auf die Liste!! Würd mi gfrain!!
BUSSIIII und weiter so Süsse du!!

caylee said...

have fun at vienna fashion week! show them how it's done =)

Ramona said...

You look amazing hun!Have fun at Fashion Week and looking forward to see pictures from Vienna.


Mimi said...

I like it.

Simple but cool.

love buzz. said...

creepers. <3

Dreamy said...

hiya, i've added your fab blog to my link list, hope thats ok!

TIFFANY thegirlwithafeather said...

I really love this outfit. It's like a mix of everything I'm loving right now-- striped top, demin shorts, ripped stockings and leather jackets!

chloe said...

noooo, don't comb your hair, its part of your charm! x

B a la Moda said...

Cool outfit. Love all pieces and the laid back look.

B* a la Moda

Freya said...

Great photos. I think you shouldn't comb your hair! It looks awesome as it is. And talking to stangers is great, I recommend it for sure!

Isaure. said...

GREAT outfit!
I love the combinaise between the denim shorts and leather jacket!!



M said...

Great look and grear blog.

Lali said...

..love your hair!!!

Miriam said...

ah looking good as always!!

Slanelle said...

great cut offs !

3ate4 said...

I like the messy hair :)

mel said...

love it.the outfit

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