cause and effect

ok, we all knew i will miss a lot of shows....ok.but hey the ones i saw were pretty entertaining and creative.fun times.
and yeah of course i didnt take my cam with me.
maybe next year i will think more proper.
besides this it has been a-lets simply say "strange" week, honeypies.
weird stuff happens.
excuse me when i escape to sleep now where glittery unicorns, shiny rainbows, and playing toddlers are waiting for me.

love u
i wear: cardi: asos, dress: etsy custom made, socks: h&m, shoes: noname, rings: ebay


YAIYA said...

love the socks!

me-nd said...

glad to have you back! sweet dreams honey...

Dija said...

Did I ever tell you that I love your hair? :)

ida said...

I love your style.you like maria mena?im surprised!

Tenny said...

you have such great style. i love the cardigan + socks


Ashley said...

The cardi is great..so are the shoes!


Sophia and Mary said...

that sweater is really great!!

noirohio vintage said...

love the sweater !!

Anonymous said...

omg omg I love this cardi!!!!!! love it to pieces!!!!

Anonymous said...

By the way... where do you find all of these amazing rings & bracelets off of ebay???

E said...

your posts bring sunshine and happiness into my life. today, it is the cardigan. I want it and I can't believe it is ASOS. maybe I can have it...

thatsorad said...

You totaly wear knee socks and strapy heals like no OTHER!! If I see anyone sporting that look I will think she met you while under treatment..... :) Love the pictures to!

princesspolitico said...

i seriously love that sweater! and your hair always looks fantastic.


Anonymous said...

loving this jacket
looks comfy yet chic

check out my blog @

Frickys said...

Jealous on how you manage to always look great in socks <3

Ashleigh said...

hey hottie !

Im loving the knee socks and oversize cardigan...
and of course, you have crazy hair (in a good way)...just adds to the whole look ;)


Mcmaris said...

The end!


Safiaa said...

I love the effect on the picture and your outfit is super nice! yeah!

TIFFANY thegirlwithafeather said...

Awesome outfit and photos! Your cardigan is my favourite!

PUNKIE said...

this cardigan is stunning! what a rad look! Love you as usual!

modediktat said...

Hey girl, that's an amazing outfit!!! LEIWAND!
And OMG - look at those legs.... 8-)
xoxo sofie

Yvonne said...

The cardigan & the photos!! <3

Karoline said...

I love your cardi with the socks:)

Marla Singer said...

in love with your cardigan! it's gorgeous <33

Flashes of Style said...

Woww this sweater is completely amazing :)

LAYNE said...

I adore the socks!

have a wonderful day :)

Coconuts & Coppertone said...

mountain cardigan & leopard heels sounds good to me

Fashion By He said...

awesome blog, you have great style...he loves the high socks look

can we link exchange?


FashionJazz said...

I have been following your blog since u started it, LUV your style soo much!! Just letting you know that I have linked your blog to myne(now that I have one) hope thats ok?

Have a fantastic day!


valesca said...

oooh love your style! would love for you to check out my vintage shop on etsy

Carissa said...

I love you and your style! so gorgeous.

Raez said...

YOU ARE AWESOME! i lvoe these pics, and your uneven tights;)

xx raez

Jennifer Ramos said...

Your style is GREAT and you are beautiful! :)

Jen Ramos

MC's Closet said...

gahhhhh, i love your hair!! it's just so perfectly edgy!!
& i also love the sweater thing, its sweeeeeeet:)


May Kasahara said...

could I love you any more?
the black&white outfit + the contrast of your hair is pretty fucking amazing.


jessie said...

boss cardi. love the light play with the editing.

Charlene said...

You have great style. Been looking through your photos and noticed I have a few of the same pieces of clothing as you. Its interesting to see how you style them differently.

Im addicted to your blog now!

Danielle said...

Your cardigan is awesomeee. I seriously want one like that.

a. said...

wauw, ic liebe, liebe, liebe den cardigan.
purer zucker.

ryan manning said...


Anonymous said...

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i love your socks.