we used to be a team

six hours of work
no backup
program crashed
everything is away
hard disk full
wrong version
update misses
no manual
RAM too small
wrong version
update not available
square eyes
screen is black
site doesnt load
nothing found
error unknown
processor to slow
site doesnt load

...yeah,we used to be a team.

i wear: trench: zara, dress: vintage/ebay.com, harness: ebay.co.uk, tights: h&m, shoesies: jeff campbell, sunnies: noname


Christen said...

Love love LOVE the tights. Must get myself a pair! You look amazing, as always!

Raez said...

you know, that would make a lovely poem;)

looking great, i love how delicate, wild and badass you look, all at the same time! now that is fantastic!

xx raez

Sissy said...


deichkind auf englisch, nicht schlecht.

thatsorad said...

Dude, sounds like my day.. :) at least you look like you are in control. :)

S.I.Q. said...

those tights are amazing! and they go so weel with your outfit!

-Best NY fw s/s10
-Marc Jacobs

Antonio Barros said...

Woow! You look so cool!


Danielle said...

That sounds like a bummerrr. Any who, definitely rocking them tightss.

E said...

I feel that way this week. Real world sux.

Love that harness though. You are a genius.

Isabel said...

The leopard tights are so so sick! Love it, girl.

Claudia said...

wow i like your harness!

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

love the harness, sooo hot!

Dylana said...

Amazing look! That blazer is perfect. So chic with the neutral color. And the leopard print tights are the perfect touch to make it so rock n roll! Love this look so much! Like straight off the runways!


Coconuts & Coppertone said...

the length of trench with the dress is perfection..
really loving your more neutral palate..
as always, jealy:)

Anonymous said...

i love the leather bandage piece underneath
leopard tights look flawless on you
hot look darling!

check out my blog @

PUNKIE said...

I'm sorry for your computer!!!

the outfit is stunning! love the details of the harness and tights!

Soné said...

love everything ******
your blog is stunning! sooo creative ! love the style!
who is the photographer?
love it !
i just posted about you! check it out! :)

Cypriotchick said...

That sucks about ur computer but you still managed to post some sweet as pics! Nice job :D


Pappelschnee said...

Kleidchen mit diesem Lederharness drunter sieht klasse aus.

playwithfashion said...

Love the tights matched with shoes...

baditz said...

restart everything.

Marie-Louise said...

those tights are amazinggg

Scarlett Rose said...

scarlett x

Karoline said...

Your whole outfit is fab!
I have to mention that I LOVE your haircolor, it never looked good on me:(

Eduardo Tachado said...


(L) U


jii said...

I just love your style and your fotos are just amazing !
And your hair :)

girl, you really rock !

SpiegelEule said...

einfach alles alles alles, sogar der käfer im hintergrund passt!

Mcmaris said...

Does not sounds like a good time on the computer!!!

I am dying for leopard tights. You look awesome if not for the technological issues at least u have that going for you! Love it!

Luxe. said...

Damn, love the body harness!.x

Anonymous said...

I really like your vintage dress.

Ashley said...

Love this. The tights look like a second skin.


jea said...

Love your outfit!

Abyan @ Stylecrumbs said...

Ive been looking for shoes like that! absolutely lovvve the outfit!

sexyinthecity said...

love the outfit!
Specially the dress is amazing!


glamur_p said...

uff this is so good!!!

Marie said...

LOVE the outfit, LOVE your design. awesome :- )

Anonymous said...

i love love love u.

...aber komm schon, hau mal richtig rein, schnitzel mit bommes und s0ße, du kannst es dir leisten lady gaga!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mare said...

I must also say that I absolutely adore the outfit!


Taryn Andre said...

sounds like your computer is effed up.

I love the outfit. You wear it well.

Niviarsiaq said...

Hey! I just discovered you blog and I LOVE it!!! you look great! <33

styledigger said...

Amazing shoes!

a. said...

AMAZING trench,
AMAZING tights.

Rebecca said...

i love the mix of this look, you've taken quite different garments such as the shoes, tighs and trench and mixed up together creating your OWN look

it looks pretty unique & it's nice to see since everyone usually looks the same

you own it! woo

Appeal to the Eye said...

i want those shoessss

soon I'll send you the interview

Fashion Pix said...

Sorry to hear about your computer!

The outfit is great, you wear those tights really well!

TIFFANY thegirlwithafeather said...

Aw I hope it stops acting up and everything goes okay!

I really love this outfit, the trench and leopard print stockings are my favourtie!

Appeal to the Eye said...

where did you get those jc shoes? I'm completly in love with them! waw

Ara said...

LOVE the outfit! Just found your blog, and I like it alot! :)

bi-style said...

Das ist ein geiles Outfit. Geile Schuhe mit einem tollen Trench

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

love this trench!

caylee said...

oh my the harness peaking out from underneath that dress is so good.

ethel said...

Love and adore your style!

pantyhose-lover said...

So beautiful ;* OH.. how i love pantyhose gurlz !!! HOOOOOOT !!! post me more pix sweety ! Luv ya -Ronny- ronny_turbo@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

you must know it, but you're great. your style is just so expressive. you're someone who just seems worth knowing. it's the truth.


the secret of fashion said...

the tights are amazing! xxx

Anonymous said...

Deichkind :)

Anonymous said...

Girl, I just discovered your blog and man, you are FIERCE!

Keep it up!

enterrement de vie de célibataire said...

Those tights and the coat : perfect matching.