damned. i am not running away, i am moving on.

so kiddos, did you enjoy christmas? i hope you are in a good place with your beloved ones around and tap your little cookie belly with great pleasure right now.
we 3 moved finally during the holidays, and let me tell you it wasnt pretty.
good thing is i gave away half of the household and i feel like a purified virgin now.
my boyfriend on the other hand puts a good face on during days, in the nights he cries silently in his pillows about the never ending cycle of riot he is forced to join in. bless his little soul.
oh and look, my girl anna made this dress for me and i am really happy about the outcome.
she is a tornado, just give her a few clues and woosh a cool dress is at your doorway.

wearing:dress by anna, bomber jacket:topshop, sweater:cos, sunnies:henry holland, flatforms: jc


Anuschka said...

the dress is truly awesome!

Camilla said...

that neon sweater is brilliant

xo Camilla

Into The Fold

Eku said...

you look gorgeous, i need these sunglasses.

Vasilieva said...

loving this minimalist white dress, gorgeously constructed, awesome sunnies too


Naina said...

Love the color of that sweater, this outfit has such a beautiful structure!

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The Desert Fox said...

truely brilliant. that sweater and all your posts are just amazing

GG said...

long time reader first time commenter. just wanted to say thank you. i barely read womens fashion blogs or look at this stuff any more but you remain fresh and interesting and inspiring. thanks for continually/consistently wearing cool shit and making me look at my wardrobe in a different way. i figured it was time i said thank you after years of lurking. peace :)

Karina De Jesus said...

the dress is truly brilliant. I also moved during these holidays, and it does feel good to get rid of bunch of stuff.
I hope you’re having an awesome holiday time!!

C A T H said...

what a fashion statement! those sunnies just gave a totally different look to fashion ! liking them :)


Anonymous said...

Utólag boldog karácsonyt!
(Én örülök, hogy vége...)
Tetszik ez a letisztult stílus, jó a dzseki, meg a pulcsi színe.
Lehet, hogy kimegyünk szilveszterezni Bécsbe valami utcai bulira. Gondolom, lesz ilyen sok helyen, ugye?

Anonymous said...

Love the neon sweater and the cut of the dress is very cool

LeNerd said...

loads of love and best wishes this xmas / new years doll
looking gorg.

Jessica said...

badass outfit as usual! you are such an inspiration-my favorite of all :) happy holidays to you and the family!

Shulamit E said...

love the white dress Lattes and Lipstick

TH. said...

like :)

Ali Gibson said...

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