bye bye 2011

ok, its that time of the year again to look back and to think,
wtf is wrong with you eszter? what happened with your new years resolutions?
-me every year.
its also the time of the year to feel great joy
or big sadness.
things change, life is a stunning motherfucker,
and you never know what that bitch is up to next.
its a tricky task sometimes.
we all know dark places, demons, and times when you have the feeling shit never stops and it seems nothing can make you feel better.
but when you least expect it, maybe tomorrow, maybe even today,
life turns upside down again.
simply because thats what life does for living.
that is a promise.
reach out, hang on, dont let go.
you are not alone.
truest story ever.
i love you kiddos, take care.
your mommy


Pedro Korshi said...

I love when I find blogs like yours.
Happy new year dear!

Anonymous said...

You are a sweetheart!Happy new year from me too!

Sophia said...

TACHELES!! <3 It is a stunning motherfucker, great post. <3


Stace said...

Oh Eszter how I love you.
Happy new year!!!


il ├ętait une fois... said...

i love this!! hope you have rad yeah ahead :) X

Aleta said...


cheers! (=

playwithfashion said...

Nice post! I also say Bye bye to 2011, yeah!

Francisca Sousa said...

I needed these words today! Tahnk you*
Happy New Year!

M. said...

This is great! Thank you.
Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

m having a bit rough times these days n after reading ur post i felt better.....u r truly amazing. happy new year x

onbeauty said...

i love it!
i need seriously to get my resolutions list done... and to follow it during the year!


Anonymous said...

love your words. always.
thank you eszter. for just being.



stephanie frogge said...

Those are some pretty powerful words. Love it!

The Desert Fox said...

how is that you say these things and it doesn't sound fucking corny? du bist uber cool.

DNA (designers+artists) said...

Thanks for your style inspirations and words to live by, hope you enjoy the New Year! xo