ok, this is really good.
how can we diy this?
any ideas?

top: J.W.Anderson picture from here


.Tinacious Me. said...

mmm..leather and a really sharp hole puncher?
xo, Tina

HONEY said...

no idea. but it´s so amazing :O

Liza Chloë said...

I agree with Tinacious. But I could never do it. Clumsy as hell


Marle said...

Oeehh it's really good indeed! Though pretty difficult to DIY..

Anonymous said...

oh no that looks too complicated, but why not try?

A fashion fool said...

rally thin soft leather and a square holepunch :D i wanna try this!

Rini said...

It might work with a hole puncher, but how can you receive the constancy? (I'm not very patient - are you?)

With cuts it will be easier... like Ivania did it here http://love-aesthetics.blogspot.com/2012/04/diy-all-purpose-leather-net-bag.html

I'm curious about the DIY!


stylorectic said...

thx for your thoughts dolls.hmmm yes, i think the perforation would be too difficult, so i am searching for a the right fabric.square or diamond hole fabric which isnt too stiff or to soft...ha, mommy has a new mission.
love u

Peti said...

Offen gestanden, mir gefällt es gar nicht so gut. Und in DIY bin ich ohne hin schon eine Niete, tut mir Leid..

Fräulein Fatal
Fräulein Fatal
Fräulein Fatal

The PvdH Journal said...

might take the whole point out of DIYing, but they do sell fabrics like this already and they are not too rare.



based said...

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hia said...

maybe with a hole puncher :-D

Malu S♥ said...


Karina De Jesus said...

J.W. Anderson just wants to torture us. this is awesome! keep us updated on what you come up with!! I’d be able to find the fabric and make a vest, but I don’t think I’m advanced enough to to make something long sleeved. Then again, you never know :)

Christina Wonsbeck said...

it could turn out a great top, without those sleeves. :) love it!!!

Andrea said...

wow gorgeous!

my dad got a little maschine to make more holes into belts when they are too big..maybe this works to make it..don´t know :D

rachel said...

do you have access to a laser cutter? that'd probably be the best option, but then again, isn't really diy. Some craft stores sell square hole punches, perhaps that would work!

Domonique Wilson said...

Agree with Rachel that would be the easiest option...although if you have the patience the give it a go with the hole punch and leather :)


Katharina said...

easy as cake. leder kaufen, schnitt im adobe illustrator konstruieren, mit dem kästchenmuster belegen, zum meta lab pilgern (du wohnst in wien oder?) und dir dort von einem lasercutter pro helfen und schneiden lassen, heimgehen, zusammennähen, happyschmeppy sein.


I won't even have quarter of the patience to attempt a diy for this!


Kaitlyn said...

If a square hole punch works, print out a pattern of squares or a type of grid and transfer to the wrong side/ backside of the fabric so you can keep consistency!

Soccer Mom Style said...

what a gorgeous top! I agree with one of the readers. You'd be surprised to see the variety of fabrics they sell. You might have to look in non-traditional sections like utility fabrics or something like that..
On the other hand PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE check out my perforated leather jacket I was so amazingly lucky to find at Goodwill last year. This is your other option: to keep your eyes open for a thrifted piece (of course chances are thin but I'm amazed what I can find thrifting sometimes). Here is the link to my perforated leather jacket. Please check it out :)

Soccer Mom Style said...

sorry, it's me again. some mesh fabric might resemble this one. they usually have different types of mesh in fabric stores.