white noise

i have an eye on spon diogo ever since i fell in love with their yellow getup last summer.
the ss12 collection seems so easy to wear. i especially like the first one.

oh and these remind me of chloe's mirror heels, and shit, 46$ is unbeatable.
go here dolls.


Jill said...

Love the dresses!

Ruby And Siel said...

Waaw, amazing! Love 1 and 6

Anonymous said...

I need those dresses so badly. They look so easy to wear.


LeNerd said...

nom nom!
can u please go buy everything and make feel inspired?
thank u.

playwithfashion said...

Great projects:)

Karina De Jesus said...

ok so now I want the sandals soooo bad, and it’s all your fault, lady!
Love your taste.