we each have our own set of stars

call off the hounds and cancel the order for your detective kit from amazon.
because i am still.
in the here.
and now.
thing is,
insomnia is the key to my life,
to kill the boredom
i dig in souls during nights
till i find the door to morning.
during days
i am constantly tired.
and my hands are always dirty.
story of my life.

kiddos, have i told you lately that i love you?
yes, i luv u.
thanks for your your darling support and dear comments.
you make my day.
every day.

shirt+skirt: asos, shoes from here


Jacqueline said...

glorious skirt color. ^^

Jessica Deanna said...

You're so beautiful and inspiring, I'm grateful to have recently come across this glorious blog.
Please post more.

Aesthetic Solar Falcon

If you have the chance, I'd love it if you stopped by my simple blog. Doubly love you if you end up following.

Liv said...

Yay for hot-ass skirt! And booo to insomnia. That really sucks, I hope your inner clock gets back on track soon.
Hey, my hands always seem to be dirty too... a mess of pen marks, eyeliner smear and the random goo of the day. what's up with that?


jas said...

that skirt is so good


LeNerd † said...

! sexay

L'art said...

LLove the metallic pencil skirt!

rouli said...


Lina said...

Wahnsinns Sweater!! Und der Bleistiftrock - was soll ich sagen außer freaking awesome!!!
Schon wieder ein Top bei Topshop mit Styleorectic-Pics?! - Gratuliere!! Keep rockin!!

Übrigens wer macht deine Fotos?


Pyrola said...

Wow, that skirt is friggin insane! I loooove it! And with the sweater, brilliant.

thefashionguitar said...

RAD skirt

XO Charlotte

runawayfromhome said...

mad orange lipstick blue eye combo

Anonymous said...

Jaj, de jó ez a szoknya, főleg, hogy nem a szokásos mini hosszban készült. Jó a felső is.

Justyna said...

that skirt is killer.

le monde de skadiida said...

love your skirt! (:



Opposite lipstick said...


I am the rain said...

you make my day, too, everytime i see news from you on my dashboard!

stylorectic under medical treatment said...

heya Lina,
die photos mach mein seeehr tapferer freund.

Carmen said...

cool blog, I'm a new follower :)

patrycja2407 said...

perfect combination !:)

Nádia said...

this combo is really superb! :O


.sabo skirt. said...

The metallic skirt is so lovely! It looks great on you.

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E said...

I wonder how many of bloggers suffer from this plight. I know I certainly do... I guess that's what the internet is for, right?

Anonymous said...

Can you please share with us the lipstick you're wearing....please?

stylorectic under medical treatment said...

hi anon,
sorry, i always forget about that, its neon orange from mac.

Tine/Inattendu – a style blog said...


Andrea said...

gorgeous look! love it :)

Theonlyfashionprincess said...

amazing! love the combination of colors x

House of Mawes said...

such a fantastic outfit!

Andrea said...

I love you more than life.

Best thing to happen to the blogosphere.


celeste said...

sick look....so fresh and chic. and coral lipstick looks beautiful on you.

Lidiya said...

The skirt is perfection - enough said, adore it!! <3

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Love this look, never quite thought of pairing bronze with white like that and glad to see it works so well! Your bronze skirt makes me want to invite you to check out my new fashion and style related blog - it's on the golden things side :) http://withadashofgold.tumblr.com/

I'm also hosting a giveaway on my blogger blog, so you're definitely invited to come take part!

h.anna said...

oh ja, der bronze-midi-rock wär schon was, wie läuft es sich darin?

Sari said...

Love your skirt!

Marie My said...

GORGEOUS! wow. great outfit and the lipstick is spot-on!
loving it!

Marie from www.nemesisbabe.dk

Nadine Flatt said...

you are beautiful

What is Reality Anyway? said...

Always such a beauty! xx

LOIS said...

great look!
love Lois xxx


Eloïse said...

i really love this kind of skirt: beautiful!

Tess said...

These outfits are beautiful! I love your yellow pull :)
i follow you.
If you want pass to visit me

Veronica Lauritsen (24) said...

I love everything about this outfit<3

l'influence said...

I love your hair! how did you it?

btw i like your outfit!