when the smoke clears

speak our secrets into your hands
hold it in between
plunge your hands into the water
and drown it in the sea

i am here when the smoke clears
see YOU in fall dear

EDIT: kiddos, thanks for the nice comments but thats not me x)
pics via pneumoniawhite


Blacknat blog. said...

Weird photos. :) But I like it ;)

Fashion Monstre said...

so in love with these shots!!

amalia said...

Love the pics and your outfit too!

PiruletadeGato said...

Love the pics!


Rochelle Fox said...

love your writing xx

♥ A fox that meows http://rochellefox.blogspot.com/

ashleighjoan said...

inlove with your outfit. gorgeous photos.

Iben said...

¨You're something else! In a really good way.

xoxo Despite color

amalie said...

awesome photos!

weasel said...

The second photo is very disturbing. Really like it!

nicolethen said...

hahaha so cute!

DNA (designers+artists) said...

such fun, charming photos!


Judith said...

woow, danke für den link! pneumonia white, really really cool