fellas,i dont have current pics to post.
so here comes the b league.
yeah, i refuse, uhm, EVERYTHING until spring places its snobby arse right in front of my apartment door.

in other news bebe got his first teeth and started crawling like a pro.
and we?
we sit back and enjoy the show.

take care dolls
top+shorts: topshop, belt: american apparel, boots: vintage/ebay.com


Céline K.G said...

I hope i'll look like you after being pregnat, you're amazing.
Love the short ;)

xoxo, Céline

Wiebke said...

i looove the shorts, gorgeous! :)

Cloudy said...

Looking gorgeous as always, kiddo !

One love, Cloudy


[Unspeakable Thoughts Unspoken]* said...

so he is crawling and got his first teeth already??? how sweet!!!
See you back in Spring then!!


ediot said...

happy to hear some news about the little one. must be such an exciting time in your life with all this happening. i work at a nursery/pre-school with kids aged 1-2 and there's so many things happening all the time. love your outfit. it's really great


Jessie said...

so adorable and of course congratulations!

Vasilieva said...

adore these shorts


My Style Affair said...

Great! How lovely are those shorts. Hot outfit.

My Style Affair

Car`s Closet said...

You look amazing and the Outfit is sooo cool, love it!!!!!!

amalie said...

goorgeous. love your shorts! x

Anonymous said...

Annyira jó ez a sort! Nagyon ütős!
Bécsben van Topshop?

rouli said...

cool look !

love the boots!

Anonymous said...

always such a fan!
keep the inspiration coming!


kathrynsky said...

Oh Liebste,
ich wünsche gute Ohren! :)

misslikey said...

omg and you look like this after having a baby. wow you are my idol!

MELISSA Z. said...

cool shorts and awesome boots! Great pic! <3


raquel said...

the perfect look love the shorts

Lydz xX said...

freaking awsome...nothing new


Lydz xx

Anonymous said...

very original,funny 'n' inspiring.
thats IT!

Curella said...

I've never left a comment before and I'm sure you get this all the time but I think you're bloody brilliant. Just the way you write, the way you pose in pictures and your style...

Please do a video!! x

carlottalottchen said...

the shorts are amazing ... really nice colour!

Mens Suits said...

That looks so funny picture but i love the way you dress and the way you write that's so nice. Beautiful outfit!

Bohemia Bon Mots said...

Found you on Jeffrey Campbell blog and fell in complete and total love with your style! Your posts are great and your pictures are killaaa!