i do things

i hope you are feeling fine honeypies! thanks for your darling comments!
well,we spent new years eve in our undies sipping on alcohol free beer.
and as kid decided sleeping is so 2010 anyway we simply partayed 24/7 till now.
fun times!
under those sunnies i am so bluee steelin it.

wearing: jacket, romper: topshop, shoes: mango, sunnies: lanvin for h&m


Kristen said...

love your jacket and romper paired together

ediot said...

hi darling!
looking great. i LOVE this outfit.
hope you're doing good dear


chloe said...

you look great here, & wonderful outfit!

Chloë said...

the most perfect jacket ever. really cool.

Carmen said...

Love your hair!! Great jacket, love it with the playsuit.

Carmen Ri.

Mai-Linh Alice Huynh said...

lovely! just love that girly play<suit and the cool sunnies with the jacket!

love, alice

Lisa said...

What a great jacket!


rouli said...

lovely look

amazin shoes


anna dustysin said...

love this outfit. so well put together :)

maphi said...

your shoes are amazing xx

Lena said...

love the jacket!

Vanessa said...

i LOVE your style. this outfit is amazing. i look forward to your posts. they make my day :)

Karen said...

Great outfit!!! I love love love your clogs!!!



Anonymous said...

Love the romper so much and the jacket is so cool!

Sally said...

Love the romper, especially with the jacket.

Vasilieva said...

loving that look, great mix of casual and chic, this is what i would normally do myself too, amazing combo


Jessie Rubin said...

Can I just say you are literally my favorite blogger? Your outfits are amazing but most of all I just love the way you write. Everytime I read it you make me laugh! ahah and I hope once my blog forms it becomes more of something like yours. All the people who comment seem to know you like you guys are close like a bloggin fam!! Also I want your hair and I wish I could pull it off. Hope your new year is going great!


Nåna Jones said...

Amazing photos!
I have to say I love this outfit.
And your shoes are so stylish!

beneath the glass said...

love this look, very chic but unique paired with the jacket. so badass looking! :)

Beneath the Glass

Erika of Style Activist said...

Love it! So edgy.


PUNKIE said...

lovely look, the clogs are great!

joanaddicted said...

you rock'n'rolla!!! i love everything about your outfit, once again. kiss kiss love

Connie said...

Gotta love the blue steel. Fantastic jacket too.

The Heartbreak

janina said...

godamn hottest momma around!
love that jacket.

lavel said...

Love these pics :> and love your hair :>

Anonymous said...

nice jacket... killer pics!

m.corbett said...

platform wedges. must. have.
how much?! wowowowoww
loveee. i posted something about platforms a while ago.
have a lil look if you wants :) x x http://kireimode.blogspot.com/

N P said...

o yes yes yes smells a bit grunge here. uckin love that!

rewind and play again said...

your the most awesome chick ever !

[Unspeakable Thoughts Unspoken]* said...

Lovely romper and lovely plan for NYE!


Yevgeniya Yelkina said...

very fun outfit


Bex said...

Great outfit, I love your jacket!



You are special!! love your essence!!!

I have a giveaway on my blog about my fashion illustrations! You can choose between an illustration about you or a new header for your blog!!


MELISSA Z. said...

Love the contrast between the romper and that sporty style jacket! wow!


6roove said...

love that playsuit!

Cybelle e Fabi said...

Great style, great outfit!!!Love the blog!!!Please visit our blog


xoxox Cybelle and Fabi

carina said...

tolles outfit!!! love it!!



Sharon said...

Absolutely, a great outfit. I love the romper so much.I could not find any other romper like that. It's silky. And Topshop truly offers a good quality. It tends to be a high standard. It has a good layout and the products are well presented. Your jacket complements well with the romper. I truly love it. This is an outfit you can wear during day or night outs.

Elspeth Rose Mitchell said...

Love the romper...just lush and shiny!


Isabelle Ljungblom said...

You're the coolest mom ever!!!

Areta ☁ Szpura said...



naughtymess said...


stylista said...

I love your romper! Great photos!

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D.H.S said...

Lovely! Love the outfit

Check my blog out, follow!


the moonchild said...

gah, this is the epitome of awesomeness.

hope you can:

send something to salvador (:
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rena. (:
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E said...

Aw, that sounds like a really cute NYE actually. And look at how skinny and fabulous you look after having a baby so recently! I want that varsity jacket!

Smaragdalena said...

...and you do things -right!! Always stunning!! ;)

Hugs&Kisses from Magdalena in Sweden
(you know, me who lost my husband to death 8th months ago.. I want you to know that Im doing better now :D)

lipsticksandties said...

Love your outfit! Very nice pics! :D


Franzi said...

Your jacket is amazing!
xoxo F

NatalieM said...

I have been following your blog for a while now, and I just have to say that you have the most awesome style ever! I wish I had the confidence to put things together... like I have nice clothes... but yeah :(

Gribouillage said...

This look is sooo cool ! I just love it !

zosia said...

I love it.
I adore those colours.


CMQ said...

Your hair looks incredible in those pics, and the jacket is amazing!



Vani said...

Brilliant romper!

Dylana Suarez said...

You look awesome!



Aniek said...

Awesome pics, lovin the shoes!

Anonymous said...

like a photo shoot! i love the jacket x


Anna said...

you're pure awesomeness.

saw you in the "style guide" today btw. loved it!