here we are now, entertain us

"we cant do anything to change the world until capitalism crumbles.
in the meantime we should all go shopping to console ourselves."

in other news, dont forget i love you kiddos
i am just damned busy

pic:source, quote:banksy


The Photodiarist said...

I shot this girl on the street. Raquel Nave. She's a photographer those are her self portraits. Love that you featured this! Here's a link to the picture I took:


isis said...

love bloc party!

saro said...

you are so right! more shopping!

Oh,Wunder! said...

lovely blog!
i would be happy if you visit me:
do you want to follow each other?



Anonymous said...

this is so sad dear...
shopping cannot console myself.
just cannot console.
soul is crying for truth and wants to go back to a lifestyle that takes places within the nature.
in our time everything is a game.
only for the money, only for the powers.
but one day...
you go away. after what?

stylorectic under medical treatment said...

dearest anonymous
first of thank you for your thoughts and concerns.
of course you are right, shopping can not console somebody.
never will.
see, also when this blog is about clothes, besides other nonsense, i allow myself to remain critical.
and thats how this post was meant.
hope i was able to clear things up a bit hun.
stay as thoughtful as you are dear.
send you lotta love
btw if you have time look up banksy, who quoted this.
his art is def worth a look, i promise.

iUnderEye said...

These pictures make me die!!! love, love, loving them.

Dont know if capitalism will be crumbling anytime soon. Thank God for Urban Outfitters to take out my frustration. x


Maira Giosa said...

HAHAHA you're partly right.
Shopping and a coupple more things makes any woman happy [like riding a bike on a sunny spring day, eating a delicious cupcake with your girlfriends, spending a day in the park and other...]


Vintage and Cake said...

Hope you and the little dude are doing well, trust me if you think he is a handful now wait till he is strutting around ..he is 14 months and thinks he is in charge of things :P Take it easy and enjoy sexi muma xxx

Vintage and Cake said...

sorry my son lol is 14 months, Btw love Banksy, took some photos of his work the other day. I love the irony of it, I'm not sure everyone gets it oh well :P xxx

It's like be unique and get a tattoo ....but saying that I really what a tattoo haha, ironic I need it on a teeshirt :P

rouli said...

really amazin:))


Irene's Closet said...

OMG!! Lovee!

kisses from Florence!

naomi said...

i love your blog. so fantastic!

finally hatachi

Chiara Marina Maione said...

Your blog is really cool!! I hope you will pass on my and follow me =)

Le Roselet Precis

playwithfashion said...


nina said...

great composition, great quote.. following

Vinda Sonata said...

raw and gorgeous.
and did i just read that she herself is a photographer? wow. wow. wow.
amazing woman. she's my newest icon now;)

lnetaue said...


ANNA said...

wie lange müssen wir den kapitalismus noch hypen, bis ihn endlich alle scheisse finden.