sweet childhood


saro said...

Like this a lot, and about your last post befor this one - you're probably the only one I ever seen looking high fashion in "cozy trousers"!!

Voycik said...

I still can't believe I haven't watched this film

crossingmywall said...

i like it

Liv said...

Awesome! That's it, I'm cancelling all my plans and spending the night at the video store revisiting the classics!


S.I.Q. said...

great shots!!

-Paris graffiti brand logos

heleen said...

excellent collection of random images x

Antonio Barros said...

I was so afraid of this movie when I was a kid!
I just watched it when I was 17!!!


lucie said...

I have make a post about you in my blog because i love so much your style and your attitude!Thanks to your blog which is so inspirating!

Tiffany Marie said...

im sixteen i saw the escorcist when i was 8 and those images still creep me out especially since i live 15 minutes from where it happened

yiqin; said...

Wow, very nice photos!!! :)

Anonymous said...

the most scariest children!

baditz said...

sweet childhood? wow, elégjó és ismerős képek.
szombaton nem unatkozhatsz! ez sad! :))
Én most jövök egy Foamo party-ról és tökéletes volt, de nincs is erőm többet írni, most beájulok az ágyamba:D

Valencia Lia said...

I did heard about this movie and I've not watched it yet !!

My mom saw it back in her time and she said it was scary ! Ahhhhhh

But I do wana watch it though :)

Mimi said...

oh god, the exorcist was so creepy and gross = =

why is it that the little kids always get possessed or are able to sense the ghost in all the movies?

E said...

These are the things that my nightmares are made of... Children as so creepy...

goldmaedchen. said...

omg, kids can be so creepy and scary!

reckless daughter said...

some of my favorites!!! great post :)

Jenny said...

i love this film. DAMIEN LA MALEDICTION .
xoxo from France

Anonymous said...


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