blind your mind

my own mind is mine to drive in lanes that aren't allowed that's why i'm only allowed in circles around.

so long kiddos
mommy lays her head down now...at 22h....grannystyle
love to you from me

i am wearing: jacket+belt: h&m, shirt: h&m+diy painted, leggings: asos, booties: ebay.co.uk, bracelet: f21 necklace, rings: ebay+present+brook&lyn, lipstick:manic panic (should be dark purple but my lips had other plans x))

thanks to: style sample mag, fashionsnoops and fashionjinx for their interest! <3


Jacqueline said...

hot leggings!


Antonio Barros said...

Wooow! The pics are amazing!!!


Stacy said...

love your leggings and amount of accessories! so hot

Autour de toi said...

Nice pictures!

Love the booties.

Ore* said...

Loveeeee the leopard leggings!!!



thatsorad said...

I serously dream of those boots at night...nothing dirty, just those boots. Such a rad outfit man! You wear it all so well! Love all your hand hardwear!!! :) whom ever mucks with your pics is totaly rad, awesome!

the society of style said...

awesome leggings!

Rhiannan Flack said...

you have got some seriously amazing jewelery there

For Love not Money said...

All shades of radness as always lady....


Rina said...

hot pics!

Anonymous said...

i listen to techno when i am on your blog! yesss its inspiring!

Eli said...

Love these photos.

Kirsten Leigh Kuehn said...

these pictures are fantastic!!

{uninhibited fashion}

LaurenSchoon said...

Cute outfit! I looove those leopard print pants! How do you get those cool light lines going across your pictures? Do you photoshop them in or does it happen when you take the picture?

Fenella Scarlett McCall said...

The leggings and the jewellery!! amazing style :) LOVE!!! xx

Lala Lopez said...

leopard is amazing on you

Taryn Andre said...

this outfit is the shit. I love it alot.

VaivaPamaiva said...

Love your accesories, second picture is stunning :)


Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

you always have the best photography! I love these leggings!

Anonymous said...

ahhh, i love your bracelets+rings! to die for! & i see you got that ring you posted a while back. lovely. xoxo

Dylana said...

Love the leopard print here!


PUNKIE said...

I will love you forever!
I'm deeply adoring your style... you are so rock...

always perfect!

I'm desperate because f21 doesn't deliver to Italy... I know you can understand my frustration because it happened the same to you with topshop! Now you could be happy 'cause they ship to Austria, whereas me... I'm still tearing out my hair due to those bastards!!!

Anonymous said...

um hello..MAD perfection
loveeeeee the leopard..purrrr
gorgeous as always darling
raw beauty, love the blog, always look forward to it
and thanks for your sweet comments

check out my blog @

Karnikova said...

girl you're the wickedest chick in the blogosphere ;)

Kimberley Denise said...

Keep loving your outfits!!!

Valencia Lia said...

You're always so so chic !! And I love love the cross you did on your shirt and those leggings are way way hot :)

And you always accessorized perfectly ! Could I have some accessories too ??

Mcmaris said...

I love your jewelry!!! Those leggings are bananas girl....

Anonymous said...

The boots are awsome!


princesspolitico said...

love the way your accessorize - your jewerly collection must be seriously extensive.


Phoebe Rose said...

Those leggings are sweeeet! Love all your rings too!


cupcake♥trash said...

love all of your jewelry.


heleen said...

this is fucking fantastic. if I saw you walking the streets in my hometown, I'd kiss the pavement. wow, that sounds freaky, but I just really love your courage and effortlessness with which you seem to pull this outfit off

kpeach said...

LOVE that top xx

Nicoline said...

Soooo hot outfit!! How do you make those wonderful pics??

Anonymous said...

So lovely shirt! ;)

crossingmywall said...


T. said...

I LOVE your style!!!!

E said...

I love your nighttime pictures!!! And I think you're the fiercest blogger I know. Leopard pants confirm.

caylee said...

YOU are blowing my mind right now. all of your DIY tees and leopard print bottoms are so amazing. and i'm still in love with your boots, and your jewelry is just wow.

love you eszter =)

Freya said...

I am totally loving your recent posts. Everyone has a better and better outfit. I would love to have a wardobe like you!
Great pictures too!

playwithfashion said...

Love the pics!
Your look is amazing:)


AMAZING! Love the jewelery

Jilldelamode said...

I will say it again, your amazing.

Prinzessin Wunderlich said...


LoVe it!

Mia said...

freut mich, dass der ring schon da ist! =)


the guilty hyena said...

lime range of jewellery



Glamour Bbey. said...

Love the pants!

desiré said...

love it!


Scarlett Rose said...

I love t-shirt.

Slanelle said...

your jewellry is absolutely amazing, i want it all !

Women's dresses said...

I like the leopard pants!!

Anonymous said...


chippendales said...

J'aime énormément le tee shirt et vraiment tu as un look de folie


Amanda Lalique said...

WOW.. I JUST discovered your blog... AMAZING style.. love how you mix things and textures.
I love leopard too


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monstablogga said...

I have a total crush on you! Can I just live in your wardrobe?! http://bloggamonsta.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

this is so amazing, the silver jems, what a collection!
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M x said...

I wore a similar outfit to this! woo! u definitely work this! i love the jewrelly! xx


Loudy said...

I love your photos!!!

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Megan Meenan said...

Love the top, its amazing