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man, dolls i missed you.hell yeah.thanks babes for your sweet comments xoxox
the last two weeks were...hmm...lets say interesting...we got our keys for the new flat earlier and i spent the last week mostly on my knees or crooked with a broom/sponge/brush attached to several body parts.sexay.
i want to thank mimi the sweetheart from style.la-mimi.com for her interview and her interest.big smoooooch.
thank you dear Sofia from modefeber.se for your invitation to the dagensoutfit category on your rad site!i really love your site.i do.
i also want to thank maria from chicisimo for her her feature, and thanks to the sweets from chicintuition too!gracie to you all.i appreciate.
wahhh, mommy is sooooo tired so good nite cherrypies!
love you
i am wearing: top:blackmarketbaby(thanks hun,i love the top), jeans:h&m, shoes:h&m, rings:f21+ebay.co.uk, earring:diy, shoestrap: ebay.com


mia said...

you're back! finally.

is that the balcony of the new apt? looks reeeeaaaally nice.


Alyssa said...

pretty look glam lady.

Roxy Starr said...

love that top and your shoesies.

tanya said...

that top is so incredibly sexy--LOVE it!!! :-)

elizabeth said...

Sweet top! I need a pair of boot straps REALLL! BBAADD!! I'm very tempted to just buy the ones in the "western accessories drawer" from the costume shop I work at..decisions decisions??

Jules said...

you look amazing! love your boots!

Heavy Metal Fashion said...

Wow your hair looks so long in this!



noirohio vintage said...

that top is killer. You kill me how you can pull off black as fuck roots!! Hot.

anya said...

oh how ive missed you!! congrats on your house. this picture is perfection, i wish it was warm enough here for some sexy back showing!!

lots of love, anya.

E said...

I'm so jealous of your balcony! Our apt. has none, sadly :-( Still love those jeans, too.

jessie said...


helen said...

hmm love that top!!
xoxo helen

anna bu said...

i love the cut of the top!



felice said...

hey! schön wieder von dir zu hören!
sag, vielleicht magst du in den nächsten posts mal deine neue wohnung zeigen? ich persönlich finde sowas immer total spannend!

Ashley said...

So happy you posted!! Love the booties w/ the shoe strap!!! Awesome.


PUNKIE said...

AMAZING! this boots are so damn gorgeous! and the top too!

S.I.Q. said...

great style!
and very nice shoes!

-architectural designs on runways
-interesting not known designers

Leni said...

I feel you... I have been cleaning my boyfriends flat for the last two weeks....

Love your outfit and the way you write<33333

Gracie said...

Good to see you back and looking dynamite.


tresh said...

look. just strong. love it.

loving also


DB said...

loooove the outfit!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever told you that you look a little bit like Amy Winehouse? You really do... :)

Emily said...

pls eszter do a blog post on your amazin' jewellery collection fantasy!!!
P.S. heart yor spirit

cocorosa said...

Love this mad crazy :)

La Chauve-Souris said...

what a blog did I fellt on... was searching for a rock & roll girl like you for ages and ages... and now I dound you!!! what a style!!!!!! I think you have the best style I've ever seen.. seriously! love love every of your outfits...
wanna exchange links?

your alredy in my fav anyway adding you right now..
bonne nuit
a bientot

la chauve-souris

withasianstereotypes said...

Did I seriously not say anything about this as of yet? I LOVE the top babygirl I'm a fan of black tie dye ever since you posted about black market baby. I even made my own tank haha. The jeans and the shoes are perfect too. I wish my hair was that lovely. You are too fucking amazing, it hurts. I hope your flat turned out how you expected / better!

KISS, China L.

thischicksgotstyle said...

So nice that you moved in!
And great shoes and top!!


Dasha said...

you look great!love the shoes!
check out my blog

Luxe. said...

Looove the top and the shoe straps!.x

Lily said...

I love your shoes! the whole outfit is so simple but chic

saro said...

you make it so good, that top shines like the sun, or something, eheh!

glamur_p said...

everything babe everything is fucking amazing especially that messy hair you have is madness and I totally love it !!!

jordichicletol said...

at last! i was waiting for a new post of u!

how is it goin cutie?

i love ur shoes!
u seen the new denim leggins at h&m?

they're too much, i need to wear them on my next dj session!


Jessica said...


Kirsten said...

Those boots are hot x

Anonymous said...

Youre soooo hot!! I LOVE your hair, hottie!

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.

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