the birds

ok dolls,the flat thing is making me gaga.slowy but steady.yesterday we were checking out a flat.it was cool until i found not one but TWO dead doves in the rain pipe on the balcony.no head n stuff.
am i a bitch that i wont move the fuck in there?

thanks to the babes from letslivefast and stylekingdom for their features.smoooooch!


Amanda said...

love your outfit- you reminded me i have that skirt too. must pull it out..

aya said...

ah you always pull it off, sniif jealous! But anywhoo: dead birds give a creepy first impression I must say but if the flat was good otherwise I see no major problem..

CalamityJem said...

I love those leggings!

withasianstereotypes said...

Thats so creepy! I wonder how those headless birds got there in the first place? + I love your blue nails in the 3rd post below & that dress is too genius. I love everything about those images. Eszter, you always make the most amazing/brilliant outfits! Your a fricken genius. All your outfits are so fresh it's like a slap in the face.

+Where did you get those tights? I love them, did you make them.

+ Oh you know that ribcage tank I made that you said you liked? I sliced it up. If you still want to buy it/one give me an offer and I will make it anyway you want. If not, seriously no pressure haha.

mwah, China L.

E said...

Um no, I would not live somewhere that has headless birds...kind of creepy. Your outfit looks badass as usual, though :-)

metallicatrollet said...

You look amazing!
And those birds, omg, creepy? I think I would have been kind of freaked out myself if I found birds without heads on a flat. Hm.

Charlotte said...

Cool down! That's Vienna...
Ich hab' mal eine Wohnung besichtigt, die als "WG-geeignet" bezeichnet wurde.
Wäre sie auch, wenn einer in der Küche schläft...

styledigger said...

I love it! Where did you buy a dress?

indie said...

uhm ew......with the doves and everything...but I must do that to my leggins.

Rabenschwarz said...

wow. du sieht aber hübsch aus. woher ist denn das kleid und die leggings?

Christing said...

love the leggings and boots! flat hunting is soo boring. we just moved somewhere new and am so glad it's over! dead birds are def way too creepy!


Queen Of Russia said...

Great! I love your hair here.




becca. said...

gorgeous outfit,
i really love reading your blog its really inspiring :)

would you like to swap links?


Anonymous said...

Hell NO! Girl! thats voodoo stuff, RUN like lightening from that place. Seriously, I KNOW.

Loves this, i want those leggings!

Carrie said...

love the leggings!!!

xx, carrie

the frugalicious fashionista said...

hahaha i love all your commentary. keeps us on our toes! and id have to say 2 dead doves is a red flag. one dead dove? welllll that's a gray area hah.

love reading your blog everyday and seeing what kind of outfits and mischief you are up to. i linked you and would love if you'd link me!

keep rocking and doing your thing bc we love it :)


Shini said...

ok bad sign if you find two headless doves, wtf?

Love the leggings, I have a pair too! too scared to wear them though, they're more you, not me. Me would be coverint it up with a maxiskirt..

Eli said...

Im enjoying everything about this look, especially your hair!

Johanna - MyShoebox.se said...

Loving this look!

I would probably not move in their either. No head? Yuck!

- http://myshoebox.se

Nora said...

Oh, dead doves....Ew.
Hope you find a nice apartment!

Cool outfit by the way! :)

Hugs and kisses

maria memi said...

though Im sure you hear this all the time
your style is amazing

May Kasahara said...

god girl.
this outfit is flawless.
love how you incorporated the skirt.

v said...

lovely ripped tights


Montreal Fashion Minds said...

You look badass in these photos!

And ew! at the dead doves in the rainpipe. Good luck on the hunt for a new flat!

~ Montreal Fashion Minds ~


GretyDoll said...

sex hair. rock & roll baby.

Fashion Pariah said...

Love that t shirt, where is it from?

TheMinx said...

dead doves?!?! no wayy, that would give me the creeps forever. I love your tights/leggings, they look really good with the navy of your dress.

glamur_p said...

do you ever miss something ?
the clothes you have are always perfection<3